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  • I'm not gonna lie, I completely forgot about Eevee. I'm sorry about that. I've started now though and should be done by Friday.
    Well, I'm reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. :p It's the only major fantasy/sci-fi series I never bothered to read. >_<
    pkmnfn. he wanted to be the fish lol. i let him cause its funny. me with brawl is one thats almost serious. he gives me pokemon candy a lot. he told me i was upgraded from sis to daughter :) so now i have a place to go for [some] free pokemon... ill give him new pokemon ive gotten and whatever.
    Oh dear. 0_0 Seems quite stalker-ish in my opinion. Though that did happen to me once. Then they sent me pictures that I didn't want, and I got in trouble for what they did. I hate it when people do that type of stuff, it freaks me out T^T
    Am not being over dramatic >_> I didn't know we had another pet..

    Exactly! I like your thinking!

    Err...you've gotten into situations like these before? How so?
    muff is being over dramatic. theres a guppy in the fam already :p another animal. but the fam is mainly the friends ive made from clans and trading and just chatting someone up.
    It is gravely serious. We must mate and have children, Aizle.

    Naw, I'm just joking. I asked Bree if I could be a part of her SPPF family, and instead of a brother or father or cousin or uncle, I chose to be the dog. But I was lonely because I had only the humans as company. I wanted a mate.
    What breed have you chosen >_> I can't be mates wuith a Newfoundland or anything, I'm a little ole Yorkshire Terrier.

    Nice to meet you too! So what made you agree to be my mate? I didn't know Bree was this persuasive 0_0
    cool. 2 years ago, I came as close as u can to tearing the tendons and ligaments in my foot, as u can without doing it... hint: dont climb a fence barefoot with sweaty feet. I was on crutches for... 6 months, half the time in a half cast (Just holds it in place) and half in a walking boot not walking. Then I had to have the boot for 3 MORE months. Man that was tedious
    hey, cant sleep? i hurt my wrist! :(:(:(:( my MOM had to help me wash my hair and body... its like im 13! not 2! i cant move it though
    hows ur horses?
    glad to know im strange. its boring to hear the same thing all the time... have u seen the quote in my sig? i found that is the stragest thing ive heard on here in almost a year
    give them a kiddie pool of water and theyll bathe themselves. yes seriously. i had tgough they were dirty creature too, til i found that out. cats and pigs clean themselves... and u can prob guess which one is easier to take care of, the cat.
    friend me?
    ok ^_^. today is cleaning day around the house... if ur a girl u no how horrible to be this sweaty is. (name seems like a girl, no offence if ur a boy though)
    so maybe about 5pm gmt-4?
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