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  • heyy, so i can finally work on my SU for tale of heroes, but wanted to ask if you could provide some info on the god(s)/religions of the world? are there multiple, or just one? which one would a healer most likely believe in? etc.

    edit: or! i can also make my own religion/god, if that's easier. just let me know!
    Good question! I didn’t delve too deep into, but feel free to make your own! I can work it into the lore as well :) if you need help with it at all, let me know and I can give my input!
    heyo, just wanted to say sorry for the wait and that i'll be finishing my su either tomorrow or saturday!
    No problem ^^ thanks for letting me know!
    just wanted to let ya know that i added the nicknames now too! didn't wanna double post
    Hey! I know your character writes for a local paper, so I did indeed make one in my opening post, called "The Whispin Post". If you want that to be her paper, feel free to do so! OR if you want me to change the name whatever, that's cool too :)
    Hiya, quick question for Solitude. How cool are you with mentions of slavery within a character’s history?
    Yeah, that's totally fine ^^
    The game itself is kinda dark too. Obviously Lucas doesn't have as much of a grand role in the RP as Niko does in the game I think, but I can't help but compare the two characters. (They're both kids with animal-like traits at the very least.)
    I just know I'm gonna have Oneshot's soundtrack playing in my head while writing for Lucas in Kingsworn XD
    Jean told me about the site people here use to make sprites for their characters so I decided to make Lucas in his casual attire. I edited him into my SU if you're interested.
    Sorry, I just arrived back home lol (some pretty scary **** happened a few days ago), I'll finish up quickly! ^_^
    By the way, didn't you say you were making your own character for Kingsworn? I'm assuming the holidays held you up?
    Ah, right, sorry about that. I'm practically done except for working out some history details - I'll try get it up ASAP.
    Im in. Ill try and work on the Su later tonight. (Its like 8 am rn and i work all day). Yay retail life
    We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, gotta wait and see what situations we end up in once the RP starts after all.
    Ah, okay XD For a minute you had me thinking "Well that's one way Lucas can look further into how to get rid of his curse, even if he'd have to search places that are creepy as all hell." XD
    Funny story, I started listening to the Shadow Temple music from Zelda Ocarina of Time and immediately thought of Kingsworn. I know it's a Dark Fantasy RP, but I think the song might be a bit too dark, especially if you've seen the Shadow Temple itself. XD
    I looked over the SU Thread and I think you should know if you aren't already aware, Innes and Real Dads haven't even so much as logged onto Serebii in the past 4 days.
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