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Apr 8, 2020 at 7:09 AM
May 5, 2012
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February 25
Vancouver, Canada

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    1. Minteh
      Biology in high school wasn't too bad, since we didn't really spend a great period of time on it. Physics and Chemistry were what my class were falling behind in! I agree. The movies that use far too much blood in their special effects make me feel all uncomfortable. Like seriously, I'm pretty sure the human body doesn't have that much blood in it...

      It's a semi-detatched house, but it's pretty big. There's only me and my parents living there so we do have a bit more room, plus our house isn't cluttered with a load of furniture. It's not really too expensive. The dogs are very picky and for some reason prefer to eat cat food than dog food, so we save a lot of money on that alone. Plus, we never use one whole can for one animal because that's just a bit stupid in my opinion. We buy big bags of food and sawdust for the rabbit and guinea pigs so that can last for about two months? The food often runs out much quicker, but the sawdust should last longer so long as they don't make too much of a mess that would require them to be cleaned out again.
    2. Minteh
      That's probably true. I can't watch documentaries on the TV about surgeries and other medical treatment like that without feeling uncomfortable it sucks! Just the sight of people cutting into real skin makes me shudder. I can handle stuff like TWD, but that's probably because I know that's not real its just make-up and special effects.

      Well I guess so :) We have two Jack Russels, Max and Pip. Pip is purebred and Max is crossed with a Border Terrier. We have three cats, Orlando, Bear and Tully and they're all moggies. Two guinea pigs, Juniper and Twiglet. My mom has a rabbit named Smokey and we have countless coldwater pond fish tank fish. We've also had 5 rats in the past, which are actually much nicer pets than most would assume. Our last one was a husky rat named Lucas.
    3. Minteh
      Haha, definately! Yeah she's told me countless times before about how hard it is, but she wouldn't change her career because she loves being able to help people in that way. I'm not really a squeamish person, but I really hate seeing shots of the body all cut open. Being in health and socail I couldn't really get away from that!

      Useless items that you don't really need but you buy regardless? Yep I do that to.

      Well, I try to keep them for as long as I can but with several hyperactive animals and a mother who doesn't really like them it can be a bit hard! :P
    4. Minteh
      Yeah, it usually has something to do with that. I think it also depends on how it actually falls into place. My first wisdom tooth wasn't too bad because I already had a slight gap in my upper row of teeth that my braces couldn't pull together. If I had another one come through soon it would probably make a few teeth crooked or move them. Well, she doesn't really operate as such. She just passes the wquipment to the operator, makes sure it's all accounted for at the end, keeps them sterile and more or less instructs the team involved in the operation.

      That's very true. I usually split my birthday money in half, so I put half in the bank and I spend half a few days later. We usually go to this big shopping centre in the next town over and my dad always seems to have misplaced the money by the time we get there. I do use my purse, but sometimes it's more convenient fo rmy dad or my mom to hold it since I just flap around getting it when it comes to paying.

      It really is! My great-aunts are the strangest, like they actually send you crisp £5 notes. My mom and I always joke that they have like their own personal printing machine or something. In regards to my uncle's gift-giving I still keep his gifts, I might not have wanted them but they're still decent.
    5. Minteh
      Yeah, I've never had surgery but the thought of it makes me very uncomfortable. When I had my teeth pulled out for my braces they numbed my mouth, when most of the time they tend to put you under. When my next wisdome tooth comes through I'll probably have to have it out under anaesthetic so that'd be fun. At least the bonus is my aunt said she'd make sure she was working if I ever needed surgery. She's a theatre nurse so she works a lot in the operating theatre. Man, food poisoning sucks so I know that feeling...

      It's in March, but since it's pretty close to Christmas my parents always get my big presents for my Birthday and I get smaller gifts as Christmas. Ain't that the truth. My dad's brother is the worst. If you don't give him a suggestion he's fine, but as soon as you hint at something he goes off and gets somethings that's on the entire end of the spectrum. At least he tries I guess XD
    6. Minteh
      Mega Camerupt is another one of those designs that looks a bit iffy for me but is probably a lot cooler in the game. I had both in my team at one point, but I preferred to use Sharpedo over Camerupt.

      Since I didn't have surgery it will take about 6 -12 weeks. I mean I'm walking a bit better, so hopefully I'll be somewhat healed by 6 weeks. It's a bit boring just stuck at home with your foot elevated fo rmost of the time...though in all fairness it's given me some major playtime in Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite.

      Yup, I'll have to wait for my birthday for some of them probably, or I'll get it with my birthday money since most of the presents from my relatives has just been money in cards for like the last 5 years. Oh sounds fun, I tried to get my coursework out of the way like that as well.
    7. Minteh
      Kinda glad they did though because Mega Sharpedo looks awesome. I think I'll definately be putting a Sharpedo on my team now! Eh, I'm a bit unsure of Gallade. It makes sense why they did it, but personally I don't like the design. I'm waiting to see some more stats first before I make a final decision.

      I'm good thanks. My ankle better than what it was now, still a bit sore but I can actually move without limping too much so that's a plus side! I've been fangirling over all these games that are getting trailers and hyped up recently. I should really cut down on the games a little bit though we don't have much more room! How about yourself? Anything interesting happening? :)
    8. Minteh
      We totes called the Mega Sharpedo and Camerupt...
    9. Corrosion
      Ah, that's okay.
    10. Corrosion
      Since you're going to kill off Mogar's character, could I have her spot? I'm still interested. Asher will be more of an Ice King (not literally) this time around, especially because I went so OOC last time. I grew as a writer, lol.
    11. Schade
      Indeed. But I figured only the prison worked like that. If not... I'll let him have a secondary weapon in the form of a knife or something, as mentioned.

      Yeah, but it is also an easy place to lose interest. Like "Oh god, how much longer?!?!?!?" y'know. anyways, I hope we're out of there soon.
    12. Schade
      Valmiros hand blasting weapon-style is based off magic, so that's kinda nice.

      If you have to revive it again though, just skip the God damn prison. lol
    13. Schade
      Eeh, energy blasts will do. If anything, he can snatch a knife or something at a later point

      but if it dies again, woud you revive it again? Fourth time's a charm. lol. (Even if you did, I'd join in again. This is the most thought through game I have ever been in). This whole thing gives me the classic Soul Calibur/anime style-vibes. I love it! Though the magic didn't really play out as a big part. Simple magic is enough, so yay. lol

      But what about the giant monster? Do the group find the glowing green exit-sign at the backdoor? lol
    14. Schade
      I'm not sure yet. I love the weapon I have for him atm. but I have never used it in an RP before. I might change it to some sort of a magical Snake Sword

      And if I recall correctly, fighting is a great deal of this RP, non?
      It is admirable that younever gave up on the Tale of Heroes idea. It is a Very good concept!
    15. Schade
      Oh, goodie!

      I also kinda failed with my characters weapon of choice. lol. But eh, it'll sort itself ut eventually
      She's all for Valmiros teasing, but I am also kinda curious to how she will react
    16. Schade
      Sorry for the holdup, gurl. I recovered about 3/4 of my original post, but I am not sure to what degree it conflicts with the others.
    17. Minteh
      We did! My dad has got the next two weeks off, and he rarely has time off work, so we're trying to fit in as much stuff as we can. Usually we didn't get to do much because I'd be so clogged up with college work :S Hehe, I'm more concerned about meeting someone my parents know.

    18. Minteh
      Sorry I didn't reply yesteday! I went for a long walk with my dad and we didn't get back till late. I was too tired to do anything else so I just watched a movie and fell asleep XD

      I do it when I get angry, but I don't particularly enjoy doing so because I can sound quite vicious when I''m angry. Usually when I have an argument with one of my friends I try to bottle it all up so I don't have to sound like such a jerk to them.
      That's pretty much the rule my parents have with me. And I know people like that as well...my aunt included!

      Nobody's replied to the thread for two days O.o Now I do feel a bit bad about not responding...
    19. Corrosion
      I plan on starting it when as soon as possible, and it actually does have a name, despite me generally having difficulty naming things. Maybe I'll post it this Tuesday, since mom's planning to drag me out to the beach on Monday.
    20. Corrosion
      Demons or people, and magic does exist. It takes place in the rather generic setting of "like our world unless noted".
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