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Jan 19, 2020 at 9:39 PM
May 5, 2012
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February 25
Vancouver, Canada

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Well-Known Member, from Vancouver, Canada

AJ2000 was last seen:
Viewing forum Role-Playing Games, Jan 19, 2020 at 9:39 PM
    1. iStorm
      Hi there! I saw your new RP and it sounds pretty cool! I have a question about the powers though, just so if I make a character it's not overpowered. Would any like time related powers(always been my favourite) be acceptable? Would be minor powers or course but just asking beforehand.
    2. Schade
      Thank you, that'd be great.
      I know! I don't know how it happpens! lol
    3. Schade
      Nah, not at 7 AM in the morning. Nothing is funny then.

      Well, Tale of Heroes pretty much died. I tried posting, but I couldn't come up With something, so if you bunny me for a little while, that'd be great.
      and Yeah, my character was an uotcast anyway. Wait.. which one? The dreamy dreamdream one? I thought about the Pokemon one...
      Scrap.. My character's still an outcast.. lol
    4. Schade
      I'm all lefthanded for about a week, I think. unless I have awesome healing Powers or something. It'll be a difficult week. lol

      God, I wish I had a boss like that. At least she did not sound like a b**ch.

      Ahahahah, sounds like a jolly good fellow. lol . All he needs is a little bit of the Kanima-magic~ (Which basically means I annoy the sh*t out of him until he kills himself)
    5. Schade
      I love whacko's. It's better than walking around like a zombie unable to think at 7 AM in the morning, thus ending up cutting Your finger to the point where you can't use Your entire right hand (which happened today, ironically)

      Ahahah, that's cute. I wish Norway was a bit more f**ked up that way. My Co-worker's a Nice guy, and my mother is the boss of the guy that is my boss, so I get 'special treatment' apparently (Which I haven't noticed)
    6. Schade
      Why not get a job at the local grocery store Down the street then? I too have to take a bus, and Wake up at 5 AM in the morning.
      Just updated my iPod With about 17 hours of Music, so I'm good for a little while. lol
    7. Schade
      I get paid more than many of my other friends (All of them, actually)
      Wow.. just wow. lol. Cleaning is boring, but if you have an iPod, just listen to Shane Dawsons podcasts, and the day goes by without you noticing
    8. Schade
      Well, since I am classy as f**k, I got a job as a, wait for it... ... ... ... *drumroll* ... ... ... Janitor's Assistant!
      It's no dream job, but the salary is kickarse!
    9. Schade
      Yeah, forced conversations. Totally working.

      Stuff's great, actually. And no, I'm working. My first summerjob, yay. Working for two more weeks before entering college
    10. Schade
      Ghad, talk to meeeeeeee! lol
      there's like.. nothing to do, nor on the internet or in real life.
    11. Schade
      My God! the RP section runs slow lately!
      Aaaaaand you've been ignoring me. lol (paranoia-mode: on)
    12. Schade
      Oooh, okay then. Have fun
    13. Schade
      Yay, I finally posted in the RP! lol
      It is difficult to find time sometimes.
      And could you give me feedback on my WIP on the other RP too?
    14. Schade
      Finally started the SU for the RP i have already forgotten the name of. lol
    15. Delta Hunter
      Delta Hunter
      Okay then. Would the ability to memorize patterns and repeat them, such as speech, fighting, and operating equipment? And music? Just curious, it would be low level at first anyway
    16. Delta Hunter
      Delta Hunter
      Hello, name's Delta. I noticed your awesome RP, and I was wondering if you could explain the powers a little to me. It mentioned imagination, but does that mean only the way psychics could be able to use their minds, or imagination as in odd abilites?
    17. Champion Cynthia108
      Champion Cynthia108
      Alright, I'll get to it soon ^.^
    18. BugPokemonMaster316
    19. Schade
      Ah, excellent. My WIP will be up later this week, as I do t have access to a computer ATM.
    20. Schade
      Yay. It'll probably not make any change to him at all. lol
      And the bloodline. Basically there might be powerful old families that want to take over te planet, but no one can prove or disproove t, and no ow know who they are?
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    February 25
    Vancouver, Canada
    Favourite Pokémon:
    What's up. Not really sure what to write here, but if you have any questions just ask away! I really don't get offended by much, and I mean that. So if you have ANY questions about anything, or just wanna talk, just holler.