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Jan 18, 2020 at 11:53 PM
May 5, 2012
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February 25
Vancouver, Canada

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Well-Known Member, from Vancouver, Canada

AJ2000 was last seen:
Viewing forum Role-Playing Games, Jan 18, 2020 at 11:53 PM
    1. GoldenHouou
      Yeah, sorry for the delay. Working on it and should be able to get it up today or tomorrow.
    2. Champion Cynthia108
    3. Champion Cynthia108
      Champion Cynthia108
      Sorry I was so late, was watching Digimon with my girlfriend, but thanks! I'll be sure to do that soon!
    4. BugPokemonMaster316
      I will do that right now! Also, just letting you know that I'm going on vacation on Friday and won't be able to come on again until Monday probably.
    5. Corrosion
      Is there anything else I should do in the post besides get us down the elevator?
    6. Corrosion
      Just a summer camp.

      Oh, okay. I'll probably have the post ready tomorrow, but I'll see.
    7. Corrosion
      Yeah. You can still call me "wayjun". It's a name that I named my account when I was like...younger?

      What should the elevator be like? Should it gently float us down, or should it be jerky and have sudden stops?

      Camp was fun. Except...Missouri/American Southwest weather (hot, humid, and full of bugs) and Southwest food; that means that it's either really salty (I'm sensitive to salt), fried, greasy, pork, or some demonic combination of all four. I'm feeling rather sick, some other people at camp apparently came down with a fever, but I also could have picked something up at the airport (last time, I got the stomach flu). There were lots of animals at camp; they recently acquired a baby fennec fox (...basically the cutest thing in the universe).
    8. Corrosion
      So...should I post and have Asher go down the elevator to hurry things up? It would be a very short post, unless you want me to find anything.
    9. Schade
      You decide

      Sure. I'll have him behaving like a little kid who wants candy, only that he wants to kill the warden. lol
      I'm not sure either, but I will try making it later today if I have the time. Currently working on another post. lol
    10. Schade
      Name changes.. Had forgotten all about them. lol
      But hey. I need some help. I'm gonna post in Tale of Heroes today, but don't know about what
    11. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      Finished the character application. Looks kinda bare, so if you could check it over, that'd be great. ^^
    12. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      Nope, that's fine. ^^ OK, I'm going to go and write up my character now.
      I'll be sure to annoy you if I have any questions.
    13. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      Just wondering, for your latest roleplay, are you allowed Pokémon from generation 6?
    14. Kamehamehadouken
      Ah. Haha. Nice. I am new to Serebii. Haba
    15. Kamehamehadouken
      Woah! Hey man! I didn't think anyone from PC would be here.
    16. Schade
      I used to though, but I kinda lost my passion for it.

      I'd love to kill a guard, but I'm really not in the posting mood right now. lol
    17. Schade
      Aww, shame.
      No, sorry, I don't
    18. Accelgor X
      Accelgor X
      I got a post up earlier today. Hopefully it wasn't too unfair to have Ethan kill one of the wardens so quickly, his gun was ready to shoot, however. I'll make sure to leave the remaining wardens to the others.

      Also, I haven't done Coelnar's part yet. I'll try to get working on that soon.
    19. Schade
    20. Accelgor X
      Accelgor X
      Nah don't worry, not nagging, you have every right to ask me about it, haha.

      Sorry about posting, not going to lie here, its honestly just down to laziness/procrastination, I'll try to get a post up soon, though. Probably tomorrow.
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    February 25
    Vancouver, Canada
    Favourite Pokémon:
    What's up. Not really sure what to write here, but if you have any questions just ask away! I really don't get offended by much, and I mean that. So if you have ANY questions about anything, or just wanna talk, just holler.