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Jan 29, 2020 at 3:23 PM
May 5, 2012
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February 25
Vancouver, Canada

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Well-Known Member, from Vancouver, Canada

AJ2000 was last seen:
Viewing forum Role-Playing Games, Jan 29, 2020 at 3:23 PM
    1. Corrosion
      It is okay. The fire-aligned spell that I mentioned in the discussion thread (Flare).
    2. Schade
      I actually am, but I feel like I just jumped into this one on pure instincts.

      What kind of RP was that? You're awesomely good at RP-ing, and the frontpage of the discussion thread for Tale of Heroes is the best one I've encountered
    3. Schade
      I have no faith in it either, but you could be a necromancer so.. I'm in!
      But I have to have a Ghost Pal. Ugh... I don't want one. lol
    4. Schade
      Nope. I'm in a norwegian school. Religion's a subject here.
      Speaking of RPG's, which you seem talented at. Care to join this? We need more players

      Yeah, the warmth gets annoying sometimes, but my cold heart keeps me cool during the nights
    5. Schade
      Well, I have spent this weekend practicing for an exam in religion on Monday, ad I haven't relaxed properly in months. next week is last week of school before summer, and I plan on (getting a sexy tan) sleeping A. Lot
    6. Schade
      Not hackers. Magicians~ You have to believe. Believe in magic.
      Or not.. How are things? I noticed we never talk outside of the RP
    7. Schade
      Excellent. You see, I'm a magician
      No, not really. I used this
    8. Schade
      Tell me, AJ. This is totally irrelevant with anything we're related by, but is my user title upside down?
    9. Nythe
      She probably would, if he gave her a good reason. She doubts Artus and Asher would approve of that, so she would need to be properly enraged to do such a thing and risk further division in the group.
    10. Corrosion
      Well, I know everything that's going to be on the tests (I hope), it's just in the past few days that I've had several projects due.

      What on earth does the beast look like anyways?
    11. Corrosion
      He would be divided, then. He would feel sorry for Biff, but he would also be glad that he was dead. He's not totally against killing if living and suffering is the other option. He would, though, be scared of the person to make the decision to kill Biff.

      Anyways, if you're wondering why I haven't posted yet, it's because it's finals week for me.
    12. Corrosion
      He would...panic and distrust the other person and then have serious reservations about traveling with that character. I know that he's supposed to be following Keres to prevent any more deaths of innocents, and if he saw another character do that, he just might cave in and give up. Depends on what happens, though.
    13. Accelgor X
      Accelgor X
      Could I do a slight side story once we get to Galvez? Not even really a slight story. Ethan will just come across an ex-crew member who got captured and went a bit loopy, as a way to reveal that Ethan is a pirate.
    14. Samantha Sparks
      Samantha Sparks
      Very wrll then.
    15. Samantha Sparks
      Samantha Sparks
      I have been a little busy, but I'll try my best to post over the weekend.
    16. Corrosion
      Also: What if we cannot find a person to replace Krazy? Will we have to have a NPC?
      I might also not be going to the camp, but we'll see when it comes up.
      What are we doing after we 1)get rid of General Khan, 2) do something else with him, or 3)??? ? Are we going after Diaz? Getting new powers (Valkyries? There has to be a reason that they were part of the background of the RP, but I could just need less sugar.)?
      I just realized something -- "Dias" is my friend's last name.

      About spells: when would be a good opportunity to learn them? I know that they can be invented or taught, but when, on the trip, would that be possible? Asher does not have any longer range spells, so I was just wondering whether he should be clever with his usage of his magic (battering rams technically count as "weapons", don't they?) or get new spells? I'm fine with him staying with his current set of spells, but that might require some stretching of the definition of "weapon".

      Sorry if I'm asking too many questions.
    17. Corrosion
      It's going to be in July...sometime. Or June. Or I might be going to two summer camps for varying lengths because my Dad hates me. :/ I'm writing an essay to get into one of them currently, which is part of why I haven't post in the RP yet. Yes, you can bunny Asher while I'm gone. He should have gained a tinsy bit of a backbone by then, so keep that in mind (if I can manage to write character development).
    18. Corrosion
      At least it's dawn right now, as I don't think that Keres can read in the dark. Maybe I'll have Asher offer to travel with Keres to prevent him from committing crimes, but offer to let Keres drain some of his magic in exchange. Or maybe Asher will hang around in the back of the group when the whole party congregates and heads off to the dungeon. I'll just bunny Keres going to Kale with Asher and the revenant tailing him. They'll arrive at the inn, eavesdrop on the conversation, and I'll end the [BEEP]ing time of being behind the rest of the party. When is Krazy95 going to post his SU? Sorryforand mistakes in this post: it was typed on a iPod touch.
    19. Schade
      Yeah, I'll update my post in the discussion thread and ask him to figure something out.

      Well, Keres would under normal circumstances simply just kill Artus for being annoying. But something tells me I cannot do that
    20. Schade
      I have posted now, and I hope Wayjun will do something, anything, for us to proceed to Kale. (It was Kale, right?)
      Nah, Asher figured that part out himself. Keres will just exploit him a lot. lol. But when we join up, I'm a bit worried about keres again. Since he conciders groups as hinders.
      Oh well, I'll figuer something out. No worries~
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