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Nov 4, 2016
Jun 19, 2008
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New Member

aj2886 was last seen:
Nov 4, 2016
    1. DePariah
      Hey you still got any stunky's/skunktanks?
    2. Sobe0047
      I'll be in the wifi room for a bit dont worry
    3. LightningRevolver
      Im interested in your Deinos w/ Dark Pulse. I can offer you a Zorua or a Ralts
    4. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Bit of advice about the bugged pokemon in your game:

      If you have an AR with a cloning code, you can just clone a pokemon OVER it, and that will delete it permanently, as I've done that before to get rid of an extra in my box that I didn't want, when I was cloning something else.
    5. -Unicorno-
      intrested in your terrakion. Would you take a flawless shiny JPN ditto along with a Shiny lv. 100 porygon-z
    6. davemustaine
      U still need the pokerus man?
    7. DragonXmicro
      I can help u with u tfe.
      So, az follows: u shelmet for my random poke, then u shelmet for u karrablast, then u escavalier for u gurdurr, and then for my reward. So, wut u fc.
    8. LILD
      do you have a torchic
    9. EmiiLava
      Want: shiny adamant eevee

    10. Zeb
      Would you trade a shiny ralts for a shiny rhyperiour?
    11. skinny spartan
      skinny spartan
      I started the trade, go ahead and click on me. :)
    12. rennir
      Hey I'm interested in your shiny hoppip, forretress, and camerupt. Can you CMT for those? Link in sig...
    13. cocoa_adele
      50,000 children have been abducted from southern uganda and a war is raging thats been going on for 23 years
      im ragin too; to raise awarness for the invisible children
    14. Sasukat
      k i need a skitty would u be interested in any tms or berrys
    15. Sunset Princess
      Sunset Princess
      Hello, I saw a post of yours from a while back saying that you were offering a shiny Kyogre. If u still have it, would u be interested in trading with me for my level 100 shiny Shedinja?
    16. MidnightTheMightyena
      I see your offering shiny modest electrike? I was wondering if you might be interested in any of my shinies to trade:
      Shiny Geodude Quirky UT
      Shiny Marshtomp Bashful UT (Raised a little in daycare and evolved with rare candy)
      Shiny Granbull Quiet UT (Raised a little in daycare and evolved with rare candy)
      Shiny Dialga Gentle UT
      Shiny Floatzel Gentle Ev'd
    17. MasterBreeder7190
      In regards to the Pokes listed in my sig. The Paras and the Spiritomb are shiny, but ther Heracross isn't. It has those IV's and from what I can tell is also EV trained.
    18. oske
      Hey, WSHMKR Jirachi's are needed, I can offer a shiny Golbat.
    19. alanzero
      thanx for shellder :)
    20. Blue Raja
      Blue Raja
      ok goin on wifi whenever you say GO! use my pearl code-
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