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  • Hello Ajiryn! It's Pokelight_Admin. Under unfortunate circumstances, I had to abandon the other account and create a new one. I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier. I'm not on SPPf as much as I use to since I have my own forum to run, which is quite demanding especially with us reaching our one year anniversary soon.
    wait hold that thought you don't think algebra is FUN????? (or maybe it's just me)

    I love calculating stats and all that whatnot it's just something that I think is fun

    but I can see your side of the arquement-playing for fun....
    I, um, took it Thursday. :p But yeah, it was alright. All I hope for is that I pass. If I do, then no Math Final Exam for me! :D

    But man, so many questions for you? That's got to be rough
    Yeah, I got Math TAKS Today, and that was the only one I did this week. 9th Graders only take the Math this week, while 10-12 take others as well. So, Mon-Thurs were also movie days. So that was good. I just hope I passed, and Im glad TAKS week is finally over. But I will miss Movies during class. :(
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