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Sep 16, 2016
Aug 28, 2016
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akah was last seen:
Sep 16, 2016
    1. SkyBlue
      yea fast taunt/pranster user or magic bounce is the other way to counter it. Honestly I never use hazards either but there aren't very many......um..........viable electric types, to be used competitively, to choose from so I tried getting creative. I'm kind of sad now because I already caught a raikou but I didn't SR it for good stats T.T meh, its just like jolteon anyways.
    2. SkyBlue
      oh it does say 2, huh, could've sworn it used to only be 1 x3
      that's fine, I'll definitely be adding a new member to my team then this opens up more possibilities.
    3. SkyBlue
      I'm not a big fan of rapid spinner or defog users either x3
      I really really grudgingly have excadrill on the team, but I know if I don't have something to at least attempt hazard removal then I'll get super setup on with like x3 spikes and rocks and then yea......not fun
      hoping sun&moon bring back defog as a hm or a move tutor so that I'll have more options and better 'mons to use it. Doesn't help either that literally no electric types get rapid spin or defog ;A;

      and I'll reread, I might be thinking of the other league I'm in and if so then I need to rework my team because I've been making teams under that assumption/rule >.<
    4. akah
      Yeah I need hazard removal to begin with, and something to stop setting up, mew was to weak to come in and taunt and I don't my Vaporeon wich I use with roar, I usualy swap him around with Sylveon for cleric

      Need Defog or rapin spinn altough im not a fan of the mons that use it :/

      Was a good game, well played ! :D
    5. SkyBlue
      Good game! even if we didn't see much of either teams ^w^''
      it's not often I get to setup and sweep with altaria (mainly because its not a standard iv spread heh, I really should breed a better one)
    6. SkyBlue
      Challenge when ready :3
    7. SkyBlue
      my ign is Colton btw, I may have forgotten to mention that ^w^''
    8. SkyBlue
      okay, coming online now
    9. SkyBlue
      hey, I'll need a few mins to get my team together but I can take your challenge soon if you're still up for it
    10. DJSummers
      No problem, and I actually had a team that would've probably beaten that team, but of course I ended up removing them all and replacing them with this team. LOL
      I should learn to stay with my first team choice. Good Luck with the remainder of the League, and as Sun/Moon approach, hopefully someone would want to come and take up any of the remaining open Gym Positions, or else I'll just let current leaders take them up if they wish to have another Gym until someone else fit for the position comes along.
    11. DJSummers
      That was fun, would've put together an entire new team, but 2 of the Pokemon I have planned for that team I don't have at all, which are Wish Chansey, and Sheer Force + Rock Climb Tauros. Mostly would like the Tauros more as I can use anything as a Cleric.
    12. DJSummers
      Coming online now!!

      Good Luck!!
    13. DJSummers
      Alright, sure. I'll put a team together.
    14. DJSummers
      Well, next time we battle, you can expect me to be more prepared, and you might see some changes made, if not the entire team. I usually try to have multiple teams made, but I'm going to focus on editing this one first, and fixing up what needs to be fixed.
    15. DJSummers
      Was a really good game, and yeah I used this team a lot in past battles and it worked wonders, but now I realized what I can do to edit it and reform it a bit. I thought my Clefable had Heal Bell, would've helped with all of your status using's.
    16. DJSummers
      Alright, I'll be online then.
    17. akah
      Im playing on OS
    18. DJSummers
      Alright, I'll meet you online, also what game are we battling on, that way I know what exact team I have to bring?
    19. DJSummers
      I can take on your battle now, just send me your FC so I can add you. Also, it works better to post your message on the persons page you're talking too, just in case you didn't know.
    20. akah
      Well im set up right now, I'm still up for a few hours, if not today, tomorrow night or friday/saturday afternoon should be fine.
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