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  • Dang, forgot to respond to this.

    You don't think that Blaziken can go mixed? He has pretty good mixed attacking stats - even better than Charizard's.
    Well, for all its HP, Emboar's defenses are pretty lame. If anything, this theoretical Mega Blaziken would be the opposite - poor HP but hulking defenses.

    An Ability like that would be great for abusing Flare Blitz and Brave Bird... maybe something called "Tough Frame"?

    (I just produced a huge wall of text defending Mega Sableye and attempting to prove that it should actually be pretty good. It's in the Mega Evolution thread, if you wanted to check it out.)
    I'm hoping not, either.

    What could it be? Well... how about the exact opposite? An overweight sumo wrestling chicken (on fire!) that's now perfect for Trick Room?
    Ah, gotcha.

    Oh, how the mighty have FALLEN, though! I mean, honestly. Nobody gives three cruds about Mega Blaziken now. (Though... I'm willing to bet that GameFreak saw this coming and actually made another Mega for him.)
    Well, I plan on doing something that I did after beating X: I'll run around with both Pokémon that can Mega Evolve - Sceptile and Sableye this time - equipped with their Mega Stones and I'll use each one of them as I see fit.
    The only way I'd end up dropping Sableye for my Alpha Sapphire run now would be if... heck, it won't be happening. The only way I'd be dropping Mega Sableye would be if Hydreigon or Honchkrow gained Mega Evolutions. They're the only non-Legendary Dark-types that I like better than Sableye.
    I've liked Sableye for some time, too. I first liked it for the novelty of having no weaknesses (and I used it in the battle against Brawly in Emerald, where none of his Pokémon could touch me). Soon I fell for its hilarious design. Then I say the Sableye in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and became even more fond of him. Then he became the troll with Prankster that everyone knows and loves. Now... Mega Sableye. New design, new stats, new Ability... new game.

    Not only do I like the design, but I've been pleasantly surprised by its new dimensions in competitive play. I actually think that he has the potential to become a monster with his new Ability, given the right stat distribution. Even if he sucked, I'd find SOME way to use him. He's one of my favorite Dark types and possibly my favorite Ghost type; also, regardless of how his Mega goes down, his regular form is still viable.
    Well, then, it seems that I've got the honor of being the first person to send you a VM!

    Hey, hey, I wanted to know: what do you think of Mega Sableye?
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