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  • Heh, it's all right. Heh, cute? You should see its American cover. XP But personally, I like the UK cover and its illustrations. I have no idea if the illustrations are the same for the American release. :/

    Not really. I was more surprised on you being so healthy. But then what you said next makes sense. The foods you mentioned are pretty healthy, I believe, so yeah.

    Uh... Why would I be uncomfortable? I mean, sure. It's marijuan, but just because I draw something doesn't mean I endorse or do what I draw. All right, just say when you want me to draw something and I'll see what I can do. Oh, and thanks for the compliment.
    Meh, I have a couple of allegies and asthma (I forgot how you spell it), so yeah, I get sick. Actually, it's from the events after this book. I really like the series.

    Yeah, it does. Sounds like a good idea. I gotta try something like that some time...

    Hmm? I don't think I'd be unconfortable drawing that. I think. Don't really know what marijuan looks like though but I can research. But either way, just wondering if you wanted me to do some drawing. The favor is still open.

    Uh...of course? If it wasn't clear, I meant, I can finish drawing something, but I have no idea when I can upload it.
    Yeah. Moved to a new place. Just recovered from being sick, again. As for writing, well... I've had ideas, like one for another fandom I like involving a newly crowned prince (oviraptor) trying to run his kingdom, but...no motivation to write.

    Wow. Good for you. I guess it's a good thing I didn't read Chapter 2 yet? XP At least you figured it out before it got worse. A commission for drawings? If you want, I could do them for you. Except that I might not put them up even though I'm actually finished with the drawing...
    Huh? Akiyama? This is a pleasant surprise. I've been fine. Lots of stuff happened since the last time we spoke. Good and bad, but still, fine. How about you?
    Hmm.... I don't have a preference on any particular focus. If you find something that was written well in the chapter, I like knowing it, so I can see and replicate it as needed in future chapters. And vicr versa for my weaknesses.

    And thank you for considering a review. I look forward to seeing it.
    The story is more updated on FF than it is here by having about 46 more chapters or so. The reason for that is because some of the chapters were being re-written with better prose. However, it's not that much different and I end up putting the revised chapters on FF anyway.
    Hey man, do you do requested reviews? I've already had some good concrit on my story and will be making some revisions soon, but I've seen your reviews and like your style. I was wondering if you'd like to add your two cents to my own fic.

    If not, that's cool too.
    Hello Akiyama, I saw your review on my story and I'd like to tell you how grateful I am for you ripping it to pieces. Seriously, despite the comments not being praise, I still love that you wrote it. You've really made my day. I plan to reply to the review as soon as I can. Again, thank you so much for that ensightful review. Thank you.
    Never use Ash Ketchum in a fan fic.


    I'm not sure if this was said jokingly or not, but please note that as a reviewer, your job is only to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of a story. If you have a personal bias against a certain character and do not like seeing them in fanfiction, then that is not a failing in the story itself and therefore has no place in a review.

    I personally don't like Ash either, and I won't read fics that feature him, but if I read a fic he happens to be in, I will not tell a reader to remove him just because I don't like him. That's simply unfair of me. I will treat him the way I would treat any other character and simply analyze whether or not he is well-written.

    Otherwise, your reviews are pretty good, and I hope to continue seeing them. :)
    Fiction being an art, it can be about anything so long as the author makes the topic interesting. Complicated ideas, yes, but simple problems can be just as fun to read about. I write about anything that strikes my fancy... The topics addressed in Sir Knight, however, are things that have been simmering away in my head for a long time. For some reason I'm really interested in the dynamics of fictional societies.
    More than two years, though I'm really not that old, so my style has definitely matured (as, well, I've matured) since when I started.

    I don't really know... I used to fantasize a lot when I was little, and as I grew up I found out how to express all of that through fiction. I also read a lot, which inspired me to write some of my own stories. Believe it or not, I'm not really interested in exploring complex issues or anything like that... I like writing about people and their problems, because that's really what fiction is all about. The complex issues are just a result of the "people with problems," no?
    I know; it's so hard to get into a fic because it takes awhile for some of them to really get going, and then some are just flat-out bad. But even most of the good ones are left unfinished.

    My vocabulary isn't amazing, but it's suitable for someone who's been writing for a few years. I'm particular about wording, though, especially when I'm not writing dialogue... I try not to choose words that are too, well, esoteric.

    Oh yeah, and in case you haven't read it already, the second chapter of Sir Knight is up. The third should by ready by next week or so.
    There's a user here named Gardevoir Girl who I believe wrote about interspecies romance. Actually, you'd be surprised about how many people have written about it. The problem is they're not always top-quality, so you have to be picky about what you read...

    I'd also suggest Xanthic Growlithe Contract for a thought-provoking read, and Pokemon MASTER is considered a classic despite its over-the-top dramatics. There's plenty of good stuff out there, but again, you really have to dig to find something you like.
    I've been an on-and-off Pokemon fan for years, and it's really the only fandom I'm consistently part of. I'm guessing most fanfiction writers aren't as insanely dedicated to dissecting and remixing the Pokemon fandom as I am. Also, I'm not sure how long you've been reading Pokemon fanfiction, but there's definitely some good old stuff around too if you're willing to dig through the Internet archives to find it. I'll try to find you some links to my favorites...
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