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  • Thank you :) Also RWBY season 4 is just a week or two away now, I'm so excited! Also I hope it's not as sad either, but I'm hoping it will be even better than the last seasons ^_^ Thanks, it was a really nice time. I wish we could do it more, but money is tight and so is time at times... :( But I understand and he tries his best and we get to hang out in other ways, so it's still good. Soon we will be watching RWBY season 4, so there's that :) Also glad to have even more legends I never been able to get since we last talked, just got Volcanino or however it's spelled today. It's so cute when you pet it! I wish it was a real Pokemon. I can't wait to test it out in the games.

    That's good to hear and been pretty uneventful really ^^; I mean still trying to get some things done, like getting my room cleared and rearranging some stuff in the house. But got most of that done since Ace's step-dad had company coming over, we got most of that done. I have to re-do my room as I had to move stuff into it to clear the living room, but oh well. The house looks nicer now as there isn't as much clutter and things are more organized as well. So the house looks and feels nicer. Red was talking about rearranging the living room again, but I don't think it can be done much different than the way it is now, but knowing him, he'll come up with some different way XD Oh the fire cat, hands down! Red said he might pick the owl so he can have 2 of the 3 right off the bat. Trading with me and all that stuff. He does this with each game. He says it gives him trading advantage over the GTS. Which makes sense as a lot of people are always looking for the starters. But we both dislike, I mean I dislike, but he 'HATES' the water starter ^^; Which I have to agree it's first evolution is pretty bad... But maybe it's final will be better?

    Well it's nice to hear from you again and sorry I took so long. Red told me and I decided to jump on here real quick. Take care and hope to back real soon. Bye
    It didn't, don't worry. Also another late reply from me ^^; Oh well.

    Well no luck on that it seems :/ I guess I'll just have to get use to it.... Yeah it will, but some more bad news. My cat passed away a week ago, she was 16½ when she went. So that is two deaths of close ones this year. I am not doing well this year it seems :( But time will pass and it will heal, eventually.

    Glad to hear and you're welcome. I'm trying... also I will let her know. By the way, RWBY is coming back really soon now, just a few weeks to go. They already have a Character Bio of Ruby up on youtube. Looks great. Well talk to you later and I hope to not take as long... I will also try to get Flare back on here real soon too. Take care.

    Don't forget we are getting volcanion starting Oct.10th over at Gamestop.
    Sorry for the late reply :( Well we will kind of have access to both, but I see what you mean ^^; Also you are no fun with new stuff I can see :D I yes, I want it to say quadruped and it looks threating or at the very least make your opponent go, "Oh crap!" So crossing fingers, though I hope the others are good too as well, but if only one can be cool, let it be him please.

    Well now things aren't as sleep has been hard with the stress and I'm having a nightmare each and every time I sleep O_O It's awful, but nothing I can do about it... but I guess just push on through I guess or wait till I snap ^^; But anyways, thank you, I am happy that it wasn't because of a drunk driver or something, but kind of wish it wasn't his fault either... and every time I have to cross that bridge is just awful :( But it gets easier each time. But on a lighter note... Chibi has been really good and Flare loves it as much as I do. Also keep checking that countdown, not getting any easier on the wait.

    Also, how things been? I'll try to get Flare to appear on here, since I know she hasn't been on here in a long time either ^^;
    I'm studying informatics, and hope by doing that I'll be able to go into computer security too. At the moment I'm kind of in a slump with having to go to a community college, but I should be able to go back to the university next spring I hope. ^_^ It's good to hear your doing well too! What kind of work do you do, if its okay to ask?
    :) I'm doing alright. Started college last year, so that was fun. Went to a university, but going to go to a community college this fall. I'm currently just chilling during my summer vacation. What about you? How've you been?
    I'm not too bad off this time :D Also don't sweat it. Me? I'm getting Moon and Flare♥ is getting Sun. Also been trying to stay spoiler free for the most part, but I'm going for fire this time around as I have seen him and he looks cool. Just hoping they don't screw it up like in X/Y did... but the grass one looks good too, but can't say the same for water. Though it's evolution might end up better, but I can't stop feeling that they have to ruin at least one or two starters every gen. Too bad they all can't be gems like in the first two gens. As for Flare she will probably pick fire too ^^; Since she loves fire, while Erika will most likely get the grass starter.

    You're welcome, good to hear and for me, things are calming down, slowly, but calming down finally... I just want to forget the end of April and all of May :/ If you are curious, just read conversation between snivy trainer and I on my page below. All man... But anyways, saw episode 3 and I think I'm liking it more and more as each episode comes out. I do appreciate how it's funny but stays true to the series characters and doesn't make them look stupid. It's actual cute and funny, unlike Teen Titians Go :/

    Also yeah we need it, but so looking forward to what season 4 has in store for us.
    I'm getting Pokemon Moon and I'll be picking Popplio. I dislike Rowlett's designs the most out of the three starters, Litten's design is my second favorite, and Popplio's design is my favorite. I like both Solgaleo's and Lunaala's design but I like Lunaala's the most. I wonder if Solrock and Lunatone will both get mega evolutions this generation. :eek:
    So how's it been? Also what's your thoughts on a possible RWBY chibi series? I'm a little on the fence to be perfectly honest ^^;
    Hey Akko, I am so sorry for another late reply :( That makes three of my friends now I made a late reply to today... Well don't feel bad, since I gave you a late reply now ^^; Also that bites, but at least you've been doing alright. For me it's been same old, same old. I'm hoping to change some things and maybe start getting my art sold or to find something to earn me some money. I really need to put my art degree to some good use ^^; But Red has been trying to help me in that. Also I can't believe how RWBY's season 3 ended! Just so much stuff! But according to Redace we will not have a lot of time to wait till season 4, so I'm excited about that. We also went to see DeadPool which we both enjoyed on Valentine's Day, so that was fun. He also took me to the large park near were we live and had a picnic. So that day was really fun, and we went to get our Mew together, which was my very first Mew! So that was great. But other than that, not a lot has happen.

    But how's it been since we last talked? And which version of the next Pokemon game you getting? I'm getting Sun and RedAce is getting Moon.
    I know! Especially that last part. Flare and I are sad about the death and between the relationship of Ruby, Yang, and just the whole gang :( But I knew that season 3 opening was foreshadowing something. But yeah, it will be back sooner than the last two, so we shouldn't have to wait too long :D And you're welcome. Also sounds about right, I think one of the older gens took about 3 years till the next gen came out, but this will be there 2nd time this has happen, since the others have been 2 years or less for the most part. Though very glad it's not a X2/Y2 or Z title, since I didn't care for X/Y at all and is my least favorite of them all. Now I did like some of the features, like the 3-d and the fact you could change your in game-character (wish there was way more options...) so I hope that comes back in S/M. I need to spend more poke dollars in game :D

    Though I'm also hoping we get some nice designed pokemon like we use too, tons of megas, lots of playtime and exploring, tougher league, more legends to find, new evolutions for old Pokemon, and finally lots of content after beating the game! X/Y was so bland after the game was beat. Not much to really do :/ Also don't get your hopes hope, but I've heard a rumor that there may be more than one region to explorer in this one? Now that would perk my interest greatly. But only if it's something like the old G/S/C games, and not just a region split down the middle, but two full regions to explore. Now that would be nice :)
    Alright and also, did you see the season 3 finale of RWBY!? I-I just can't believe it, the story is so good, though I do have mixed feelings about the death of you know who... but Season 4 I heard will be out quicker than it took for season 3 or 2, but I heard somewhere that we can expect it around in the next 4-6 months, which would make sense if it's really half the time. Also good to hear you and your sis got the Mews, but yeah, be sure to get the events asap, since Pokemon is still pretty popular :D Also did you hear about Sun and Moon!? I just knew they were going to come out with a 7th gen!
    First off, sorry for the late reply and :D Oh yeah and it's coming near the 3rd seasons end now, then wait occurs again O_O Well I'm sorry to hear that, but I agree with you. Maybe he'll come back or you'll get lucky and find someone with an extra. Also don't forget about the events all year long and the Mew event right now. Flare♥, Erika♣, and I all got our Mew. It's a bigger deal for them since they have never gotten one, but this will make it my 3rd Mew since I already got one back in HG and got one for my Y and OR. So enjoying that :D Thank you and so do I ^^; Your welcome and good to hear.
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