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  • Oh shoot. I read "Zigzagoon" and saw "Zangoose", I guess because they both have Zs and "goos" in them. I can breed one for you real fast; it's not a big deal. I'll have one for you in like 5 minutes.
    Nothing in particular. Just give me whatever breeding rejects or anything you have laying around. You have a female HA Dream Ball Zangoose and a female HA Corphish with some Egg Moves in a Luxury Ball coming your way.
    Your request is finally done! :) Do you care about natures and IVs? Other than Bulbasaur, you didn't have anything listed in terms of natures and IVs.
    Hey Akthalion. I'm very sorry that it took me so long to do your request. I actually plan on having it completed in the next hour or so. It took me a long time to find a female Bulbasaur with Chlorophyll in the Friend Safari (and then catch it, because it knows Take Down, and it took me literally an entire day to catch one - I found a shiny Ivysaur before I found a female with Chlorophyll), and also I've been very busy with real life in the past month an a half concerning finishing my Master's, interviewing for jobs, and volunteering. But anyway I do plan on having your request done tonight and I hope we can trade soon :)
    Hey Akthalion! Thanks for posting your request in my shop. I must have accidentally deleted it from the first post, but I was still aware that I needed to do it. Sorry about that, but I promise I didn't forget. :)
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