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  • "She don't believe in shootin stars but she believes in shoes and cars" -Man who married Kim Kardashian
    So, I have a sick set once USUM releases Tutor moves for Gen VII Mons.

    Assuming trend continues, and Drain Punch is a tutor move:

    Buzzwole @ Leftovers/Big Root
    Careful Nature
    252 SpD, 252 HP, 4 Atk

    -Bulk Up
    -Leech Life
    -Drain Punch
    -Stone Edge

    This is stupidly OP, especially with Beast Boost being a factor too.
    The book? Or my life? lol

    I don't have a routine, but I wish I did. I think it'd make my life a whole much better than randomly grasping for things to do.
    Rare Replay is just their old games remastered though. Sea of Thieves will be the deciding factor if they still know how to make good games or not.

    Ayane used to be my favorite DOA girl too. There's something about Kasumi I never liked, but I don't really know what it is. Nowadays though, I'm 100% all about dat Nyotengu. I like how she's officially 1018 years old, which gives her the meme quality of being a 1000 year old demon. Is the game still heavily supported even almost 1 year in? But I mean DLCs keep coming out, even recently got a Senran Kagura collaboration DLC, so I guess enough people are buying DLCs to justify support. Haha well I'm happy I got you buy a good game! I hope you didn't copy afterwards because I preordered No Man's Sky and was too late to get a refund...
    I say give Rare a chance. Double Helix used to be a shitty developer, but then they released Strider and Killer Instinct. I don't think they've made any more games since getting bought by Amazon though.

    Of course I'm happy! Read my post in the OVGD thread. Last time I played DoAX3 prior to yesterday was like a few days after launch last year in March. I'll try playing it a now to unlock more costumes and positions so I can view those in VR too.
    American humour is just as weird man.

    Since it's Australia Day here, I might just watch it again.
    Did the game have an overworldly element prior to the introduction of the gods? MS could have gotten their own God of War. Can't wait for GOW PS4. Hopefully we fight the Jörmungandr by the 6th game.

    Nuts and Bolts was Banjo and Kazooie. New Conker got the LBP ripoff that got cancelled before it even came out.
    Seen Summer Heights High so many damn times.
    Too bad the video's blocked in my country, because copyright. :p
    Couldn't respond a day or two ago, and your profile said dead, now you're back from the dead. I think Resident Evil 4 is still the best selling multiplat on a home Nintendo console. I'm laughing that strikes 7 isn't coming to Switch, even though Bamco co-developed Sm4sh.

    Didn't Ryse have a supernatural god entity at the end? Should have just went Rome God of War IMO, especially since the director for God of War Ascension went to Crytek. Too bad the company went bankrupt last I remember.

    I never played DK64. If Switch gets a 3D DK, I'd probably get it. Give me open world (well open island) DK. Yeah, my bad, Rare. I want a new Conker.
    I like NBA 2K a lot. I'm good at it lol.
    I've barely played Skyrim when it was on PS3, but this remastered version looks so nice.
    I just beat Pokémon Moon a few weeks ago. I recently just started playing NBA 2K17 again. I also play Rocket League here and there. Rocket League is fun. It's soccer with cars lol.

    I haven't played anything new as of late, though. I did get Skyrim Remastered for Christmas. I really have to start playing that.
    Yeah, most of the fans do seem that way.

    That's one of the reasons why I don't have a problem with the Spurs lol. It's a class act organization.
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