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  • I feel like a lot of people hate the Cowboys for no reason lol. Like, even before the Cowboys got good again, so many people hated them lol.
    If Nintendo can coast along with the same IPs every gen, who says Microsoft can't? Cancelling Scalebound suuuucks. I was so excited when it debuted at E3 2014 I think, and I said I might even get an Xbone for it someday.

    Chad Daddy lol I also used to watched Elpresador, but then I stopped sometime in 2009. Last time I checked, he became an Xbox fanboy.

    I don't like kart racers or racers in general. Only racer I liked was Burnout Paradise, which was one of the first few games I got for my PS3. Metroid fans probably hate Zelda. In 2011, Zelda got a live orchestra at E3 and a brand new game later that year, Metroid got nothing. Last year, TP got an HD Remaster and a Zelda focused E3, Metroid got an extremely disappointing that focused on faceless nobodies instead of Samus. Beats being an F-Zero fan.

    Retro's new game, Sea of Thieves, is coming out next month IIRC Hope that does well!
    Donkey Kong Country on SNES is still my favorite game today. I got so freaking excited when DKCR was announced, but it wasn't as good as Rare's, IMO. Don't have a Wii U, so never played Tropical Freeze.

    All this waifu talk, and I don't even have a single anime body pillow. I must commit sudoku for bringing shame into my famiry.

    Currently, yeah, but not always. Prior to getting my PS3, I actually liked Xbox more. I think the only reason I got a PS3 rather than an Xbox 360 was because even at $300 (or whatever it cost in 2007), adding the cost of $60 paid online + Ethernet connection made it more expensive than the $400 PS3. I like some of the PS exclusives, not all. I like Uncharted and The Last of Us, but not Jak & Daxter nor Crash. Horizon Zero Dawn looks cool, but I never really like Killzone. Etc. I was actually considering buying an Xbone S just because it's the cheapest UHD Blu-ray player (so dumb PS4 Pro doesn't support it), but I'd rather wait for the Scorpio instead. I currently have no reason to switch to Steam as long PlayStation still gets most 3rd-party support.

    That's awesome. I know his online persona isn't the same as his real life, but I'm just imagining him getting into fights with Xbox 360 and Wii fans lo lOne of the best and earliest YT trolls. The funny thing is, I don't think he ever showed he owned a PS3. Yeah, he was showing his slick jet black hair, his car, his hundred dollah bills, etc, but not once a PS3. If he didn't, that's some elite trolling.
    It's just my job as a Lions fan not to like them. The Lions had a good season in all honesty. Better than last season.
    I remember when Nintendo made strong hardware. GameCube even had superior multiplats than PS2, like Resident Evil 4 and Tales of Symphonia! It sucks hardcore Nintendo fans are stuck in a Stockholm syndrome like situation. To them, Nintendo can do no wrong, and just accept everything. Oh well, enough Nintendo rant. I read Gamestop's Switch preorder allocations are completely gone. I wonder if it will be the same situation as the Wii U, where 500,000 Wii Us were preordered, but only 320,000 came to pick them up. I'd still like to sell my OG Wii and n3DSXL though.

    I only choose videogame waifus. Manga/Anime waifus are disgusting.

    1st PS4: I just wanted a PS4. I saved up enough money, and PS3 is for old people now, so buy it.
    2nd PS4: Star Wars Ep VII hype. The custom Darth Vader skin was awesome. Buy it even though I already had a perfectly fine PS4.
    3rd PS4: Traded in OG PS4 to help pay for it. I have a 4KTV. Give me that 4K game, breh. I ain't no 1080poor gamer. Chad Warden PSQuadruple, beetches!
    He was at one point the best point guard in the league! Heck, he was one of the best players in the league. I thought he would end being a Chicago Bull for life. It's a shame what happened to him.

    That block will always go down as one of the best.
    Gamecube flopped and dropped $50 in 6 months. Yeah, insane Wii U never officially dropped below $300. Crazy since they were fine with selling returned unsold Wii Us as refurbished for $200 on their own website a few years ago.

    I thought I had a new Danganronpa waifu, but then I spoiled myself, and now she's not :(

    Technically yes haha OG PS4, Darth Vader PS4, and Pro. Traded in the OG for the Pro. Thinking about trading the DV PS4, PS3, Wii, and n3DSXL, which from Gamestop's trade in value, should be $430. I'm waiting until Gamestop does their 50% extra trade in credit though so I can get more. They have the PS4 at $125 right now, when I traded in my first for $150 in October.

    I really don't like Zelda at all, but it's the only worthy game at launch. I would have waited until it got a price drop and more games, but the current Switch pre-order deals won't happen again, so might as well get it now for free.

    Switch + Zelda should probably be $385 (plus tax). I'll spend the remaining $45 on Mass Effect Andromeda, do it on the easiest difficulty and try to beat it ASAP, then trade it in for KHI.5+II.5.
    Maybe Stars will be announced at E3. Hopefully Switch flops so I can maybe get it and Stars together for $150 or less, after trading in my n3DSXL and a few other games of course.

    No Waifu No Laifu

    Didn't pay a single cent for Pro and only paid $10 for Moon (after trading in a bunch of games and old OG PS4). Haven't even heard of her until last year. Only song I've heard from her is the one with the lyrics "side to side" from a car commercial. She didn't even try to hide it. I saw a Watchmojo vid, and this wasn't even her first lip synch problem.

    I'm looking at Gamestop's trade-in deals, and I just might get a Switch. If I trade in my old PS4, I can get it and Zelda without paying a single cent. If I don't, I can trade in a few games, I'll just have to pay probably somewhere under $30 just for the console itself... Hmmm decisions.
    I'm reading Maupassant's A Life. I love it. It's well done. My life has been very dull as of late, so there's also that lol

    That was one of the best goals that I have ever seen.
    It always seems that way. I root for the Bulls and Pistons. The Pistons haven't been good for years, but the Bulls have upside. They are just very average right now lol.
    I mean, even GameStop put "play Pokémon at home" in their Switch page. But then again, that could also mean a spin-off like the Coliseum/XD games. I'll still be watching the Switch conference, but I'm not expecting much.

    If you're not in relationship, may I suggest VR waifus? lol

    I haven't played P5 much since I got the plat. I did play it again for a short while just a few days ago though, and it's still so good. I'm already playing it unofficially at 60FPS because of my TV's Smoothing option and the PS4 Pro keeping stable FPS, but I hope it would get an offficial 60FPS Pro patch. Oddly enough, it was the announcement of Ariana Grande coming to Brave EXVIUS that got me to download and play the game. Yes, the singer Ariana Grande is an official FF character now. Take that what you will.
    If the Switch wasn't getting main Pokémon, I would never even get one. The Switch is gonna be easier to port to because it supports Unreal Engine 4, but it's still weaker than an OG Xbone. That's going to be troublesome for devs because now they have to make a base version that performs well on OG PS4/Bone, then upgraded 4K versions with Pro and Scorpio, and now a probably low graphics setting for docked AND 720p handheld Switch. I don't know how it will work out because I'm not a dev, but that seems messy. But hey, at least now games that would have been 3DS/Vita exclusives can come to consoles because of easy porting!

    Summer Lessons is for lonely people like me :(

    You know, I don't think I've ever gotten a "Friend is now online" notification since the update with folders last year. I should turn it back on so I know which friends are online. Since I postponed FFXV (will play when the Moogle Chocobo Carnival is released), I've wanted to finish World of Final Fantasy. Instead I've been playing Triple Triad and FF Brave EXVIUS on my phone.
    Ahh it's been months the since I've seen your name online.

    I'm still waiting for the blonde American. The one that's currently out only has the Japanese girl, Hikaru Miyamoto. I've bought both her DLCs (maid outfit and another I forget), both of which were ~Â¥1200 IIRC.

    Yeah, definitely it's best to wait for now. Same as I'm gonna do for Switch. I'm gonna buy it eventually just because of Pokémon, but I was burned when I got a 3DS at launch for $250, only to go down officially to $200 in less than 6 months. Plus the Switch might be a flop like the Wii U, and I don't want a Wii U 2.0.
    Gronk is awesome. He's the best tight end when he's healthy!
    Maybe the Rockets will win it all :p Hey you never know. Especially with the season Harden is having. I have a feeling Golden State will make a deep run and choke again.
    Yeah, Belichick is the one that controls more lol. It's crazy because way more people blame Brady and hate Brady it seems lol.
    You keeping up with NBA?
    You will hate me for this but I'm a Tom Brady fan lol. I'm a big time Michigan fan, and he played College Football there. xD All in all I don't care for the Patriots as a whole, though. I'm just a Brady fan lol.
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