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  • No problem. I understand school troubles, and it's cool to hear you're taking my advice.

    I'll check out the next chapter. My review might take awhile, though, since I've got a list of reviews to tackle on top of the fact that I'm pretty much in the same boat about school.
    Sure. It might take awhile to review because I'm a bit on the slow side (and have one request before yours). In the meantime, would you like to check out my own fic in my sig?
    I'll review as soon as possible (when I wake up tomorrow). Mind if you review at least chapter 1 of my story? It's on my sig, as well. :D
    Well, you can't change your thread title - you have to ask a mod to do it for you; you can ask the following people to help you: Zephyr Flare (my recommended choice,) Dragonfree, or Psychic.

    So I guess fatigue got the better of you, hmm? Even though I'm more comfortable writing in the nighttime myself, I don't go that far.

    In any case, I thank you very much for listening to me.
    Um... sorry, I'm actually off anything but voluntary reviewing for a while ;)

    Though, denying a request from the Lord of the Sith seems uncompelling =p

    I'll see what I can do.
    Sorry, the message did get sent, but I just haven't had the time to review. I'll review ASAP, and let you know when I've reviewed.
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