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  • what days are you available? I am off from work Tuesday,Wednesday,and Friday? I was at work all day today...
    hey your request are ready sorry for the wait hope you doing fine its been awhile since you logged on ;)
    didn't forget about been busy with outside life so as a sorry for the wait i am willing to let you pick a ball choice you want that is listed in my charts :) no iv breed random ivs...
    also noticed you didn't combine your other post with the other one not sure if you know where the edit button is but its on the right hand corner of your posts :) i rather have them combined since its easier to link a post please and thanks ^_^ thats all i ask ;)
    you welcome and just remember next time wait before posting again ;) i let it slide since i forgot to put in my rules >.>
    yeah i didn't accept it because the ball choice was illegal what you asked ;) and just combined the two posts and edit the fast ball to any ball then i will add you in ^_^ and thanks for the trade enjoy your abra :)
    that is fine no worries just message me to set up a time when it gets back on :) also I did leave a message about your last other request in my shop ;) whenever you get a chance to read it of course ^_^ nothing bad just wanted to point a out a few things ;)
    Hey I've been sending requests but I guess you aren't seeing them. Just send me one back whenever you're ready :)
    Edit: nvm, got it lol
    Awesome! Just gotta hop over to Pokebank (taking forever to connect for some reason) and I'll be on then
    Oh awesome! Hm I have a Moon, Shiny, and Ice stones ready right now. I can offer a BP item, PP Up...anything interesting to you? lol Have lots of IV bred as well
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