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Recent content by Alana

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    Major Service Announcement

    Well you've certainly made your entire country look bad. Good goin'. ^_^ I didn't even think of April Fools when I read this yesterday. Since the holiday falls on a Sunday this year and I wasn't paying attention to the date, I completely forgot. :P I didn't believe it, not fully, but there...
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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    Please help me out. I know it'll be a pain but I don't want to start the dungeon over. Thank you very much Salavoir55. ^_^
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    Underused pokemon in fanfic

    Muahahaha, I actually used a Chargon once! :P Very minor role though and probably not half as creative as the one you used. I think that Shuckle and Delibird are severely underused. I don't think I've ever seen either of them in a fic. (Granted I haven't read all of the fics out there so...
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    Codename, Stealth

    Thanks. The one on PE2K kind of...well, died, poor thing. The way that they refer to their boss is simply a lack of creativity on my part (though I blame it on him because they give themselves nicknames). :P It was just the only thing that seemed to fit. Anyway, I might as well post the next...
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    Codename, Stealth

    A few notes before I post this. Description is not my strong point but I am working on it. Any advice you can give me on this that will fit fairly easily into my writing style would be greatly appreciated. Also, the first chapter is kind of rough (in my opinion anyway) but the rest of the story...
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    Fic ideas

    I'm currently working on a fic but I'm not quite sure how to put the plot into words. It's set in the future but there isn't any (or at least not very much) new super advanced technology or anything like that. Basically the world of trainers is dying and most of those that are left are either...
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    Alana's T-Card Shop

    You should keep working on making your own so you won't have to give credit to anyone. You can use some of them just be sure to give credit. ^_^
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    Alana's T-Card Shop

    Jessie_James: dracorin: Here ya go;
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    Alana's T-Card Shop

    Hmm, well there aren't any requests right now and with the three card limit the shop should't be too busy, but I wouldn't mind a little help every now and then. ^_^
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    Alana's T-Card Shop

    I have a program that can make a sprite transparent but anything bigger than a sprite will have large red letters across it saying "Saved by Trial Version" or something like that..
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    Alana's T-Card Shop

    Dark-Lugia: Ultimate Ampharos: I can't make it transparent, sorry.
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    Alana's T-Card Shop

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    Alana's T-Card Shop

    Well I was bored so I thought I might do a few T-Card requests if anyone wants one. ^_^ Rules 1. Only three requests at a time. 2. Use the form I give you. If you don't, I will ignore your post. 3. Don't pester me about your request. I have a life and I'll get it done as soon as I can...
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    Alana's Sprites

    If this thread goes well I might make a request thread. Right now I just want some reviews. A few simple Pokemon recolors. Just for fun. Warning! This sprite is scary and wrong. It was a dare request. Next up are some of my fusions. I know they're pretty obvious...
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    The Land Time Forgot; A pkmn RP

    In the games they are ten times harder than diamonds but I guess it is a bit much. ^^' Alright I took that bit out and changed my age to 14.