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  • Nice to see you too.

    Haha, thanks a lot. And it's really opening up.

    Whoa, 1200 miles?! Where in the world are you?

    Sure, if you could send me a link?
    Hey, sorry about not replying last time. I must've missed it.

    I'm alright, I suppose. School finally ending is a major plus to that effect. I've been writing a lot less, although that mostly has to do with time constraints.
    Sure! And yeah, things actually turned out alright on my end, although a screwy final got me a C in a class. My overall GPA was a 3.4 this semester. My cumulative's still around a 3.6 though, which is more than what I need to keep my scholarship. I'm... actually surprised I got a B in my math class, a class which basically every student that's taken it says both the professor and the book don't do a good job. But hey, at least that class is out of the way now, and so is my NATS class (those were the two bad classes I had).

    Have anything you're looking forward to doing over the break?
    Hey, sorry. I haven't been able to do much online lately, the end of school coming around is really messing me up.
    Yeah, that's true. Thanks Alan.
    I keep wanting to call you Al. One of my other friends had an Alakazam as his avatar for the longest time, and he was called AlCario :p
    Yeah, that's what happended to my fanfic The Animal Within of Fanfiction.net. I went too far down, and I couldn't keep coming up with reasonable ideas.
    That's the problem. I get too many different tangents, and then I have no clue how to finish them XD
    That's true. Thanks for the encouragement, Alan.
    Yeah, my new chapter of A New Truth isn't very good. I've been struggling through it the whole way.

    It'll be a job for me someday. I'm trying to become an author.
    That's true. I'm just not meeting my own expectations, which is kind of disheartening. Still, it gets the job done.
    Oh, life trudges on, doesn't it? I hope you're not suffering any kind of horrific tragedies at the moment?
    Sorry for dropping out on the conversation a few days back, I got sidetrached :/
    Anyway, it's good to hear that you've still got your motivation. I'm moving forward at a snail's pace, but at least I'm moving.
    Yeah, I've finally got a winner. Opal's Shadow is my furthest along with six chapters. Then Gathering Storm with three, and A New Truth will have its second chapter up today.
    Sorry to hear about your motivation, though. That happens to me a lot.
    Not bad, all things considered. I've gotten back into my writing again, and I have three fics, one of which I had when I last talked to you.
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