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  • The end of that fight confused me. What did Emma do besides dropping the sword? ._. They just said if Gideon killed Emma light would be destroyed. This makes no sense!

    Gideon's a baby again!

    Adult!Henry! I bet Violet's the mother. xD
    It's on, and I can watch it when it comes on!

    Dat opening!

    This is the second time the Black Fairy forgot to do something to Henry... >_>

    Oh look, Snow and Charming's other kid that no one cares about. At least the Black Fairy isn't totally evil to take both of Snow's kids. xD

    So... how did the realms of story exist before Emma believed in them?

    Where's Belle?! I'm sure we'll find out but didn't Rumple want to save her too?

    Edit: Belle is a deadbeat mom now... Wat? ._.

    At least Regina never magically pushed Henry down the stairs. Jeez.

    Badly photoshopped pics of Belle are badly photoshopped....

    Is that Dragon Maleficent?

    How did David get put under another sleeping curse? ._.

    And Belle is crazy again.

    And the Black Fairy is dead. How anticlimactic. :/
    Jennifer Morrison isn't returning if there is a next season. Supposedly, neither are Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin...

    What are they going to do without Snow, David, and Emma? Make this the Regina show?
    Lol one day we'll get this done! I'm at work right now, but this evening can definitely work! Not sure how late you'll be up though since I know you're ahead of me
    And now Rumple and the Black Fairy are working together. Wonderful. :/

    Musical OUAT next week. Be prepared! :p
    Hahahaha, well he'll be angrier now: I'm sending KORRINA after him. My Sylveon, btw. Muwahahahahahahaha!
    Okay Kori-San use Close Combat XD close...combat.....urrr o///o and drain kiss....HAHAHAHAHA
    Oh okay.

    Another person wanted to battle me but he doesn't seem on now so i may go downstairs and put my 2ds back in my room lol

    And NPT is rping me dating korrina hahahaha and i'm all awkward and cute like talking to her xD "HI HOT STUFF i mean korrina *coughcough*" :p
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