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  • *Mega Latios tells Venasaur that he should convince Slowbro to get Overwatch and/or GTA V for the Xbox One*
    It's on!

    There's Jafar. Be happy! :p

    What is taking them so long to break this damn sleeping curse?

    Is Aesop's Tables really the best name for a pub? :p

    Jasmine and Ariel on a magic carpet ride, Drunk Snow White, Only on Once Upon a Time. xD

    Meeting a Prince at a ball is always true love? Really?

    Black Fairy next episode!
    I can help you and ~CallOfTheIndie~!

    She's gonna trade me her Pokémon in which I'll give to you and you'll trade me yours in which I'll give to her!
    It's on!

    Wasn't expecting to see Tinkerbell back.

    Those Shears of Destiny are still around? At least they got used finally!

    Arrow that leads you to the person you hate most leads you to a mirror. Lovely! xD

    So... now Regina and EQ are besties now? What?

    Eeee! Ariel is coming back next week! And Aladdin and Jasmine too! Probably Jafar. (But I couldn't care less tbh.)
    Yeah, no kidding. Different time zones really is a hassle.
    Or another thing we could do is send our respective trades to someone who can help the both of us out.
    probably thursday since I am off from work I goofed and thought it was friday but it wasn't lol
    it keeps going on and off which its down again as well as i think global link and the wifi is down atm I can't get online >.>
    She's not dead though, right?

    Don't they know that if Regina dies, EQ dies too? :p

    There's an episode coming up called "A Wonderous Place" Jafar will probably be there.
    Well, this certainly was an interesting episode. :p

    They all act like he murdered the blue fairy... She's still alive...

    And the Evil Queen is back...
    the pokemon :p that's why it took a while at first. aaand you're welcome :D thanks for the pokemon you gave me as well.

    Uhhh I'm fine I guess? finally breeding all the competitives I wanted to and training my shinies. also making some pokemon plushies to sell :D how are you?
    lol I couldn't find em for a second >.< I rearranged all my boxes last night and forgot where they were. XD
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