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  • sry got caught in other people's multi O__o coffee and supper after that so I guess this is BRB?
    I bet you do ;)

    [one day maybe I'll dye my hair blonde. Actually, I dyed my hair blond when I was about 16 from like a 5$ box of hair dye... Needless to say I killed my hair and I it I ever choose to dye my hair again, I'm going straight to a professional. ]
    Yes [Actually, my hair color is considered dirty blonde. :p However, that sounds... dirty. So, yeah dark blonde, light brown. So like kind of both. I wish my hair was actually blonde though... see I like blonde hair]
    Well actually you and other gave them to clone, I only kept a copy just in case instances like this one arose, where you might've needed another one without having to trade it to me to trade to you. But don't worry it'll be done quickly.
    You're Banned... [the good days]

    True,teams would be very boring if it was megas only, I just wish they were on par with the rest of them, is what I'm saying,not flat out better. Besides, a meta where we build teams around a single mega is a different kind of boring. If you want to stand a fair chance against other megas you ought to bring a mega yourself.
    Indeed,what we gonna do? Carry on playing the game regardless of what GF does to the series,perhaps!
    Of course, just let me know which ones and I'll get them done sometime during the week, as I'm going out this weekend.
    What I want from a mega flygon,like others,probably involves a change in typing or a boost in speed,which an alt form could accomplish. Like, an alolan flygon that's bug/dragon, or an alolan meganium with grass/fire typing, would be preferred to giving them a mega design,which is restricted to the original typing in some way and lacks the ability to hold an item,and prevents you from using other megas(the ability to use only one of the numerous mons they have improved is a bit frustrating :/)

    Lower tier megas are in the minority though! Most of them can sweep teams in singles,like the '-ate' ability nukes,Hugepower+Huge attack stat,parental bond...
    even mega banette,priority destiny bond is a bit much,wouldn't you think? I love mega banette,but that's a very cheap way to KO something.Granted,not as bad as M-Gengar's perish trapping,but still,I feel guilt when using something that has been designed to be better than 'standard' pokes
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