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  • I'm pretty antimega tbh, as much as I like them and want my favourites to get them,so far it's been mainly the mons involved in the series(and I assume the anime mains) in some way(garchomp,starters,gardevoir et al.).Plus,at this rate, my favourites won't get megas for another 15 years :p
    Z-powers don't buff you for the entire match,and alt forms don't have the huge stat boosts + intentionally overpowered abilities that dwarf nonmega choices.
    And as a fan of numerous non-megas,I love the sound of that!
    Sub Rotom-W sucked :L
    Retaliate,yeah. Raptor's better in singles,but gotta play for those stylekills all the same :)
    Your thoughts on megas leaving next gen?You think it will happen?
    Yeah well it is too late anyway :/ cool games although I wish we could so lower tier multis like in the past. Cya!
    I guess I deserved that crit after what,7 consecutive turns of confusion :p
    Didn't have anything to deal with mega mane save the special goliath that is umbreon <:L
    What item were you running on sylveon ?
    If you need a hand with any slots,shout!
    Then again,without the para viv woulda put free to sleep.
    Swings and roundabouts really,such is the game we play.
    [Will] GG :p
    I live to expect that my opponent always brings a talonflame in the back for cleanup :L Roll on gen7!
    I hear you recently had to start over?

    [someone else banned you, so I thought I would too, appreciate it. ]

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