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  • Hey the SK's 10 year anniversary is approaching and I want all available former members to kind of come to together and fellowship and see where everyone is in relation to long time that's passed. I created a discord https://discord.gg/NZbuKTP for us to congregate and talk as we count down. I figured starting now we can get a few people together and grow until we hit Oct. 4th. Looking forward to seeing ya!!
    omg lmfao I forgot w/ all the name change ******** that went on how you doin fam?
    not much man, just messin around when im not doing school work. i'm sure you're up to all sorts of cool **** these days. sorry about the late reply, forgot about this lol.
    it was harder to find you since you changed your name (if this is you sky, lol), but i'm committed to posting on everyone's wall in this stalk-nostaliga-trip. hope you're well
    All right! Would be great if you could come online to skype and we could discuss the hunts! :D What is your NNID btw? I could add you back :p
    HR 80? Dayum :O So far I solod most of the quests, I got help form local players with a few to bump my rank from 6 to 7. And yes, certainly the quests are easier when fighting with more people. And if you need rare drops, just eat for Lucky Cat and you're ready to go. I beat 5 Azure Raths and got 3 Mantles off it, and 2 Rubies, lol :D

    Yes, I've been to SF :D
    My NNID should be 'Manriki' (I'll double check this). And you have a Wii U version too? Sweet! What Hunter Rank are you? I hit 38 in the weekend by beating Dire Miralis (HR8 Urgent Quest), so I am ready to tackle the hardest quests. Depending on your rank I can either invite you to hunt with my Dutch friend, who's stitting at HR47 or we can choose hunts appropriate to your rank.

    Oh and by the way, I've seen Alcatraz ;) (From a distance though, I had no time to take a tour there)
    Yes, still totally hooked! I'll be getting a Wii U on Tuesday and also want to the the Wii U copy of it, so if you happen to have the Wii U version too we could go hunting together :D
    Hey, so we're supposed to battle for The Combatants Cup. When are you available to smash me :)
    I'm available Friday from 8-11 pm and Sunday pretty much the whole day. I live in California so that's GMT -7
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