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  • Your signature moves in Squad Submissions have been skipped due to inactivity. If you wish for me to review them, send me a visitor message or PM with a link to the post, and I will gladly review them for you.
    Psst, I said before that fighting energy is non-existent on Ducky. I'd change your orders before he sees it, as technically that's allowed. :)
    Latest round is up. And you better up your bribing skills in order to bring this back. xD (just in case anyone is reading this, 'bribing' is an in joke between us two to mean battling well.)
    As far as I know, that rule was scrapped. You're allowed to use two movers constantly, energy just gets drained faster than if you didn't. breathers are still good once in a while.
    You do realize you just post your squad of six, not your whole squad right?

    It's my fault, I didn't make it clear enough in the first post.
    If you'll look closer, you'll see that progress was last made just a few days ago. It's a slow process, but it is always underway.

    I'm not necessarily the best person to ask; in an average submission half my sigs get rejected, but I'll have a look.
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