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Last Activity:
Mar 9, 2012
Apr 4, 2010
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Aldieb was last seen:
Mar 9, 2012
    1. Aoki
      ALLLLLLLDDDDD!!! I'm going to stalk you now because I miss you.
    2. Aoki
      Hey Ald! How's it going? Miss me?!
    3. John Wallrein
      John Wallrein
      i wanna fight you sometime for gentelmens club thing. PM me the rentals when your up to it xD
    4. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      how high did your lost heroes team reach? I just assumed #1..
    5. alan1012474
      hey my name is alan i really need a 10th anniversary celebi ill trade anything a darkrai from event shaymin from event arceus from event mewtwo from kanto heatran dialga and more please and thank u
    6. BGP_
      yo if/when you see this i gotta talk war with you so yea
    7. TheBluePorygon
      Hey just so you know the steel and ground badge are the same as Cloud was Mag's replacement so you have 5 badges and there's not 8 leaders
    8. Fortunato
      Hey man I don't really have any predetermined times I'm online just try to catch me on the OSL xat and I'll be sure to get you a match.
    9. old man
      old man
      Guess I'll try back later
    10. old man
      old man
      I can wifi tonite around 8pm central time. And maybe PO depends on IF my computer acts right
    11. Master_Steve
      sorry i dont have my new ds yet i should be getting it friday or so
    12. Utopian
      i see darkness master is causing you problems too (Chew)
    13. R4GEKILL!!!
      Dude your clan's description... "The tower rises up amongst the desolate wasteland, its peak reaching for the clouds and above. Its shadow covers the land for miles around. The stone of its walls reflects the sun, blinding any eye that gazes upon it." It sounds like my d.ick...
    14. Extroph
      GL with your new clan dude!
    15. imperiumemperor
      Hey Serge ^^ (I know your name from your e-mail)

      Want to war with GVV? Dont worry, our clans are on good terms, it wont be flaming like last time ^^

      Besides, GVV repects BoTN :D

      Please accept, my members thirst for war.
    16. Master of All
      Master of All
      mmmkay well guess who gets another war if you think its ok
      the clan is called HL, for Hidden Powers
      their xat is here: http://xat.com/hiddenlegends
      tell me what you think =)
    17. BGP_
      yo, up for a battle? Gotta do some testing with the ole team...lol
    18. KingBravest
      hi are u far enough into the game to catch a golett for me fast?
    19. imperiumemperor
      i posted something in your clan :)
    20. imperiumemperor
      read extroph's post in the war thread. There was never any agreement.
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    FC. ~ 3654 2323 9197

    If you are new to competetive battling please do not bother me for a match. Smogon tiers, no unreleased dw abilities.

    Personal Peak on PO (Smogon OU): 1706