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  • i know i never even restarted my hoenn game files plus those games and shows have the best plot of all regions hoenn is simply the best region!i probably have 20 flygon within my emerald and saphire versions.i had a level 100 in emerald and saphire i sent my emerald one to diamond but trained my level 93 up to a hundred, i renamed him WRETCHED because he was so powerful.i'm actually thinking of having WRETCHED mate with Sally she's at level70.i've been training her non-stop for a few weeks!
    hello alex pt, i'm new!i've already put up quite a bit of stuff for a newbie,though!i like flygon (and practically all hoenn game pokemon,but flygon is one of my faves!)(no try to make good impression)
    Some advice!!!
    Don't use Palkia...it's considered UBER and not allowed in standard battles
    It didn't matter in our match because I swept 6-0
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