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Recent content by Alex Steiner

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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    PM list please. Aha! *Dusts off Colosseum case* You've got me back into it <3
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    What will you do differently?

    Even team (like I have since FR) Unorthodox Pokemon (like I have since LG on my second playthroughs of a region) Save the masterball for where I actually need it (I usually waste it on the runner, but since there are more of them I may as well keep it for an exploding shiny or something) Not...
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    Which Starters From Each Gen/Region Will You Choose?

    I'll go Cyndaquil, in SS, because I haven't used it yet (And probably because I'm lazy witth the Gyms) Then I'll get Squirtle, I haven't played with a Squirtle since I was getting Raikou in LG. Then I'll get Treecko to relive my very first Ruby file. I haven't decided for HG yet... It...
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    HGSS Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    That does seem weird...and considering Lt Surge will be right there at certain times O_O I don't know where you would put it though.
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    The Official Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokémon Colosseum Glitch Discussion

    I don't know if this has been mentioned...but when a Pokemon evolves after purifying, the animation makes it black, its shape shrinks, then a flash of the full colour version appears before the evolution scales back up to size in its place. I haven't seen this in other evolutions (outside Relic...
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    Are you going to Import HG/SS / Which Version Are You Getting?

    I'm going to wait for them to come to Australia, then get SS. I'll play through that, and then get HG.
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    I've got to go with Cyndaquil. It's the only one I haven't used (I did Chikorita in Crystal and Totodile in Silver)