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  • Are you the same Alexiel from Galaxy at War Community?

    *sees profile pic*

    'Sup, Alexiel. Didn't know you came here!

    It's U.R.
    Sorry for a late reply.
    m....it's been a long time since I'm making TCs, but I think I'll try. Just PM me your trainer sprite, Pokemons and BGs if you have any...
    how? you have the Link code your text here [/URL*] without the * you just put the colouring code, size code, Bold/Italic/Underline code [otherwise known as Formatting codes] around the text inside the URL link


    [*color='red'][*B]your text here[/B*][/color*] [/URL*] without the *
    Hey Alexiel. To get a picture's link, find the avatar you want, right click on it. Go to "Properties" in the menu that has opened, highlight the URL and copy it. Then in your post, click the icon and paste the URL into that box then click "OK"!
    You now have a picture in your post! Enjoy!
    You want to know how to bold? Well, you hit the bold B in the text box, or failing that, at the start of the text, you put [, B, ] and at the end of it, finish with [, /, B].

    It should look something like this without the commas. Hope it helps.
    Hi i've just been into the adopt a newbie section and noticed you're looking for an adopter.

    I thought you already had one.

    What questions do you have?

    I might be able to help.
    Just because I don't believe in dinosaurs because they weren't mentioned with the other animals from the bible, that doesn't make me stupid.
    Hmm. Well, I can't tell you the Alt. Anime section is a friendly section, unfortunately. You're going to find some pretty tough customers over there. I'm sorry, though, that they called you names. I don't condone that kind of behavior.
    Maybe you should quit crying and taking things so seriously, when I'm actually trying to help you out with your little situation you ingrate.
    Uhh.. gee, maybe you should try... Misc Entertainment section?

    Geez, you silly dumb people these days. And tell Profesco I SAID SO. And cut your crap out too. Not my fault we're enforcing rules.

    .99999999 (ongoing) is the equivalent of 1.

    10x = 9.9999999

    Take away one variable...

    9x = 9

    This means that the variable obviously equals 1, but since 9.9999999 was changed to 9, x also equals .999999999.

    This means that

    x = 1
    x = .999999999

    x = 1 = .9999999999

    I hope I got the message through clearly.
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