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  • I don't see a problem with it, but I'll need to ask other mods and see if they're okay with it. I'll get back to you asap. :D
    That's great. ^^
    I'm leaving for a cruise tomorrow, so if I don't answer that's why. When I get back, classes start. X.x
    Heya, yeah sadly it's real I did get suspended D:
    Sorry but who are you on youtube? I don't recognize your username ^^"
    Aw, that's very flattering. :3 Practice makes perfect...I still make mistakes.

    But anyway, about the rating...I suppose if it gets to real lemon, you'd have to PM me a bit to see if I can even allow it. PG13 is pretty much a light version of R, however, there is absolutely no sex or nakedness going on...but other wise, all fair game. Same with the violence. R fics are basically limes and NC17 is lemon.
    You also do have the choice of rating the fic and then rating a particular chapter higher. The point of ratings is just to warn your readers and give them a chance to decide to opt out of reading if they can't handle it.
    I think by now the regulars in the request shop know that getting a completed fic has about a 30% chance of happening, and I think I'm exhaggerating...it's probably like 10%, looking at the amount of requests the thread has gotten and 11 or so that were actually completed. As for one-timers, they've probably forgotten. I've never gotten a PM from someone asking where their fic was. XD Don't worry about it. There are already rules implemented that allow multiple people to accept, in the theory that 2 people can write the same plot in 2 different ways.
    I'm sorry to hear that. :( Hope you get better soon!
    I'm trying to finish Contest Tie and I've been able to get time here and there to write, but it's a very slow process, what with school and everything. -.-
    If you want, it will be appreciated. XD
    And yeah...a lot of people complain that Serebii's mods are ridiculously mean and that they abuse power and etc. I wish those people knew how dedicated a lot of the mods are to their jobs. In our secret forums, the other anime mods and I are working hard to make the Pokemon Anime forum neater and to reduce spam there. And the funniest thing is - a lot of what we infract was reported by other members. :p How's that for irony?
    I hope it's okay that I friended you - I usually do that when friendly people talk to me. :3

    And I hope the story keeps you entertained. At some point at its end, I didn't really feel fulfilled because I didn't get the feedback I was expecting (call me a spoiled author here, I guess...) but I think this outcome is much better - people are still reading it after all this time it's been done. :D
    Oooo, glad you like it. ^^ Finish it yet? :3
    And nice to meet you too - you can call me Ama if Encyclopika is too long. XD
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