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Last Activity:
Sep 8, 2010
Jan 26, 2004
Likes Received:
Oct 15, 1987 (Age: 32)
Roxanne's trashcan
Sitting around being voiced by Sam Riegal

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Derpgull, 32, from Roxanne's trashcan

Alfonso was last seen:
Sep 8, 2010
    1. Saturnidae
      Hi, I love you?
    2. Kelz
      lol @ inactive old Mod
    3. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      Hehehe crap youre a baby hahahahaha. xd
    4. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      Fool look yourself you Screw around with Scizor one.
    5. Melody93
      Hey I know, I'm planning on ignoring cyber's posts untill we know for sure how DP ends and BW begins then if I feel like telling him off or saying I told you so I'll do it in PM, right now it's a waste of my time and emotion anyway, thanks for catching that profile post, I really like to not get banned so I'll be more carefull in the future.

      One more thing I want to ask. After Gary returning for not much of a reason but fanservice, how possible do you think it is for Misty to be written of the show forever and never seen in person again? I know Cyber thinks she will, but do you agree with him or am I just crazy?

      BTW it good to see you around, I wish some of your friends like WS, pokeprophet and heracross were around here often again. Those were good times. Thanks again for the warning.
    6. Indragon
      Wow, I agree so much with your views on the anime. You don't even hate Tracey and Max like most of the people here! Ah well, simpler times...
    7. Cade()Harrow
      hi please i have reported you for meanness please
    8. WarriorX
      Please ban the guy below me. Obvious spamming troll..
    9. Cade()Harrow
      hi please why close thread qbout serious query please?
    10. zz5201314
    11. Cute Cyndaquil
      Cute Cyndaquil
      Hey you im not Scizor One. You are so retardet.
    12. Rommath
      Sigh, still no luck about the thing. >.<
    13. Yamato-san
      I'd like to see this comic you speak of, as well as V's "Pokemon-friendly edit".
    14. Juputoru
      Alfonso, what have I told you about posting in threads the instant after I lock them?

      (as a side note, I never noticed that you took the Roxanne doll out of your sig until you mention your "interest" in her in that post. I think it was there so long that I just ASSUMED it might as well have been superglued to your signature.)
    15. V Faction
      V Faction
      I was able to read it fine. Photobucket works out most of the time for me but I guess it varies.
    16. mew-the original
      mew-the original
      That's perfectly fine, thanks for checking anyways. :)
    17. DSDark
    18. Alfonso
      Already done. If Kengo keeps it up there will be more.
    19. Janovy
      Hey Alfonso, could you please give that annoying Kengo an infraction? He started bashing on each and every thread. Someone needs him to teach him a lesson. I mean...you saw his posts :/ He also insulted other topics and called them idiotic, that is just not right.
    20. Alfonso
      Indeed I would, but the other user made a thread about the same episode which was 3 pages long by the time I logged back into the forums. I couldn't close that and reopen the original.
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    Oct 15, 1987 (Age: 32)
    Roxanne's trashcan
    Sitting around being voiced by Sam Riegal
    Favourite Pokémon:
    3rd Prince of the Brittanian Empire