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Last Activity:
Sep 8, 2010
Jan 26, 2004
Likes Received:
Oct 15, 1987 (Age: 32)
Roxanne's trashcan
Sitting around being voiced by Sam Riegal

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Derpgull, 32, from Roxanne's trashcan

Alfonso was last seen:
Sep 8, 2010
    1. Alfonso
      ...: D

      *saves to laptop and external* Need to make sure I never lose this picture again. :<

      A million thanks! <3
    2. Crystal Clair
      Crystal Clair
      So I took some time to actually take a peak in my harddrive. Ran a search for Janine. One of the first few fines that popped up was the fanart you were looking for. You lucky guy.
    3. Alfonso
      Not to be rude, but couldn't you have asked via PM?

      I've just come back to the forums this week due to how busy I've been and have been trying to cover as much ground as possible why enjoying actually posting for once. I apologise if there has been issues in Alt. Card Discussion, I'll be sure to check there later today and keep on top of it.
    4. Raiburuto
      Alfonso, you are never in Alt. Card Discussion, why?

      You are a mod there after all.
    5. Freya
      ;__; I wish I was voiced by Sam Riegal.
    6. Alfonso
      Yeah, it's okay I saw that. It's just that some people were starting to use tags for very minor stuff so I thought I'd step in.

      Great stuff though.
    7. Ethan
      Sorry Alfonso. D: I told them to use spoiler tags if the subject matter was really raunchy. :p

      I'm glad you posted though. ^^
    8. Sonic Boom
      Sonic Boom
      Would you be interested in posting in the Orangeshipping thread? Tom Nook is going to be creating one in a couple of days, and he's hoping there will be some people who will be a regular member there, will take part in the discussion, and will take the thread somewhat seriously. I recall that you posted in the old Orangeshipping thread from a long time ago, so I just want to know if you'd be willing to do it again.
    9. intergalactic platypus
      intergalactic platypus
      Alf its nice to see you back. I've heard you aren't around as much lately and that sucks for the Anime section (which has gone downhill in general)
    10. neptune_84
      hi could you please close the thread i created called 'rampardos vs bastiodon episode 575 speculation' i was unaware of there already being a discussion on the topic.

      thanks craig
    11. Melody93
      Happy Halloween^_^ Dress up it's fun!
    12. M4zz
      Hey, word on the forums say your a good person. Wanna be friends?
    13. Hunter_RuLe
      Back for some nostalgia, ey?

      We've missed you around in (advance)shipping and anime. To me you were one of those good mods that doesn't abuse his power =)
    14. MISTYFAN4EVER8887
      oh yeah Alfonso's back! where have you been weve missed you! anways glad to have you back!
    15. Fonzo123454321
      r u a guy or a girl? cuz of the avatar on ur post
    16. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      Hey didn't heard from you for a while now so how are you doing?
    17. Locke Yggdrasill
      Locke Yggdrasill
      Oh lawdie, Fonz.
    18. MondoTR
      I know it's Weevil in your profile pic but who's your avy?
    19. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      Hey thank you for adding at last. I have a question how does this moderator thing work.
    20. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      Hey you do not add people to your friends list or you are not adding me.
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    Oct 15, 1987 (Age: 32)
    Roxanne's trashcan
    Sitting around being voiced by Sam Riegal
    Favourite Pokémon:
    3rd Prince of the Brittanian Empire