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Recent content by alfredo3001

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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    The fact you can't use ground-flinging attacks in flying type Pokémon. I mean, it could miss, but how it wouldn't affect it? .-.
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    I want to start a classic Pokemon Let's Play ...

    Emerald and get Treecko. Thing's a boss, when trained correctly. Also, Emerald, at least for me, has a better storyline.
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Offering a Lv60 Rotom or a Lv 50 Absol for any shiny.
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    Weirdest trade you've done in the GTS

    In Negotiations I got a level 50 Absol for something I can't remember. But it was less than lv40. Other time in normal GTS I got a Milotic from an event at level 50 for a cloned Shiny Gengar. But I often have bad luck on GTS and GTS negotiations.
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    How does this make you feel?

    *Laughs at idiot not knowing about Pokémon* First,he said Pokémon wrong. And second: How can Mewtwo be Satanic?Or even look like an Alien?He looks like that because its cloned from a furry pink cat named Mew. Pokémon started as two games named Red and Green(Red and Blue in any other place...
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    ;336; Erm...Mew was invented and added to the coding without anyone knowing... Rumors: -Mewthree -If you defeated Rayquaza and then you beat the E4 35 times,you could catch Rayquaza and he/she/Whatever it is would hold an item called "Esmerald" which rises Rayquaza´s stats.(Only on Esmerald)
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    Is Red A Ghost ?

    OMG.SOMEONE CONTACT BROCK OBAMA OR SOMETHING OSAMA IS ALIVE D: Back to topic: Red is not a ghost.He,as said before runs to the Pokémon center down the Mt.Silver to heal his Pokémon.
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    The Su-E-Cide Thread

    I may do this IN OTHER SITE,of course. What about... Dragcave! That's it,I'll release all my dragons and kill my account :D ^I said maybe
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    Well,I had a good life. Lets spent my hours left doing what I liked to do i.e. Play Pokémon If the rapture is going to happen,instead of being depressed,Do things that make you happy.Live to day as your last day.
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    Destiny's Fate

    Well,I'm sorry to say this but seeing his inactivity and that it needs lots of members,I'm quiting. Good Bye...
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    Rage Inducers & Rage Quiters

    Never had a disconnect... Tough I got a hacked feebas off he GTS. GTS=Guaranted Total Sucks (Credit to the one that put it in his/her sig,Cant remember the name)
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    Youtube Channels

    Magikarp owning 6 UBERS? Link please? I watch...Pretty much any channel xD
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    Funny Chat Quotes Thread

    This is mine xD: [18:48] <Alfredo3001> *Creams in pain**Smacks Pingouin7 with the dimension* ^Lol best typo EVER!
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    Shinies that look better than their normal form.

    As mentioned before,Ponyta is awesome with blue flames. Any pokemon wich shiny form golden/Silver/Dark.