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    Hey. Still cooler than my grandma. I'll take her. $50? $70? Name your price.

    Whoops, I mean, one of those periods is a lunch period. Why wouldn't you like having one, by the way? It's a good time to get a short nap in for me. Or if I decide not to nap, food. How could you NOT love it?
    Wow. No offense, but that's really stupid. I'd never take classes I hate just for some guy. Especially since he sounds like kind of an ass. Learned your lesson yet, young man? :p
    Really? Aww, lucky. Let's trade grandmas. Mine pretty much just sits in a chair all day now. Hmph. And, uh...Great? Haha. Lame-o.

    Well, it makes sense. 2nd semester and all. My homework's gotten harder too. It doesn't help I have eight periods a day, so no matter what, I ALWAYS get tons of homework...Bleh indeed.
    ...No way. You have the coolest grandma ever, man. What does she do at your school?

    I love how you act like Big Brother counts as "bigger and better" than Survivor. It's all the same show to me. :<

    Way too much. Don't care to get into a lot of details right now. Just been hella busy and stressed, and it's more than just school. You?
    What? It IS fun.

    If nobody commented on your boxers, start walking around in only your boxers. That'll get their attention, dang it. Heh, really? Wow, you're crazy. ..Sure, I was up until 8:00 AM on Christmas after stay up all night, but hey. PRESENTS!

    Er, yeah. I don't watch Survivor, won't watch Survivor, and therefore, do not care about the "hot" guys on Survivor. I can't believe you stayed up for that. Haha.
    Oh, I did. I did. Here's to hoping all the other holidays this year will be in your favor. *thumbs up* Frankie's Fun Park is an arcade/small amusement park. Heh, sorry. I keep forgetting they only exists in the Carolinas. :p

    Oh, and that boxers sound sexy. You said your Christmas was boring. Pfft.

    ...I really hope you didn't watch Survivor.
    Ugh...That sounds like the Christmas I had last year. I got absolutely nothing on my list and my family was forcing me to do typical boring traditions. They know I hate tradition.

    On the other hand, THIS year, my generic December holiday was amazing. I got the coolest guitar ever, and right out of the factory too! It makes me want to cry with joy. :D My New Years Eve rocked too. I went to a friend's party, bowling, and Frankie's Fun park with a lot of my buddies. I also spent time with my boyfriend until dawn. Hehe.

    How about you?
    Ah well. Haha. At least now I don't feel too bad about having a sucky birthday. I mean, really. You're just one year closer to your death, anyway. And whether it was good or not, I still get my driver's license soon. ^5

    So, what are your plans for Christmas/X-mas/Chanukah/generic December holiday?
    Haha, really? Ouch. For Thanksgiving break, I had an unusually big amount of preCalc to do, but that was it. ...Well, being math and all, it was still pretty bad though. Your teachers sound like bunches of fun. *cough* And yes, groovy should totally be used more often. Finally. Someone agrees.

    THANK YOU! Well, actually, my birthday wasn't too spectacular. I celebrated with my friends from school the night before, but it was just a small party. I still had fun though. As for on the actual day...Just no. My church friends completely forgot about it. Screw them. >/
    Ah, I see. Don't worry about it. I know what that's like. I don't really care about making it to the top whatever, but my school's a magnet. They pile on the homework. Bleh.

    My life has been amazing lately. I'm busy and occasionally get stressed, but overall, just groovy. My birthday is in three days. Sweet sixteen. :D
    ...Wow. You must have some insane military school or something. :x

    Well, since it's been so long, how are things going lately, fwiend?
    Rawr. Rawrawrwar. Wah. Waaah. Life is hard. Blah blah. etc. etc. etc. Rawrawr.
    Rawr. Gay is not a synonym for stupid. No matter how much you hate Justin Bieber (I hate him too) he is STILL more successful then you will EVER be. Things you don't like aren't automatically "gay". Never fall in love with your ex best friend, especially if you're not friends with him. Blah blah. I sound like the type of people I hate. Blah blah. AP classes suck. Blah. Etc. Yuck yuck. Rawrawr wah. Homework. What the flip flop is the cubic root of x? Math math eew eew. Blah. Rawr. K thanks bye.

    Oh hello. This reply is about three months late, but that's just how I roll. I'm fine, yourself?
    Actually, I love different cultures too. They intrigue me most of the time. But I dunno, it still doesn't make that class exciting, haha. Like you too, I only like certain ones, which is why I like researching on my own time. And pfft, everyone hates American History. Don't worry, it's normal.

    Oh, you're gonna give him a live pig? Are you sure he'd be able to catch it with all that extra weight though? Or...Even run?

    I'd actually have a mind to do that to him. He LIKES the thing. He even named it Soldier. >/
    please add me im a member of your club, and you can only get on my page bye adding me as a friend. I also have a few ideas for your club, that I could do
    Really? Blah...History's not hard for me or anything, but it's just so boring. What do I care what happened in a country I don't even live in hundreds of years ago? *sigh*. But I suppose I have to learn it though. I might become a travel agent when I get older. Oh, and good for you that he moved on. :p

    Hell, add a whole pig on there. He'd probably eat the burger alone too fast.

    Yeah yeah, haha. Speaking of spiders though, there's this one who's made his home on my front porch. It's effing HUGE too. No matter how many times we try to kill it/rip down it's web, he just. Won't. Die. ...I'm thinking about taking fire to his ass.
    Oh well I have this aunt her husband cheated on her and then dumped her. She was sad for about two days and then started dating this guy who is my sisters BF's uncle well now they are in a realationship. I really dont like this guy or his family for that matter but she says he is "Hilarious" but he isnt he is super boring and bland! They are getting serious and my aunt said that "You kids are my life right now" because she has no children. (I dont like being called a kid) But she is hardly ever at our house (She is living with us) I have to go with her boring BF and his evil nefiew. I think she is going to say that they are getting serious on the wherever were going.
    do u think this is normal GIVE ME UR OPINION!
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