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  • Well something like that happened to me once only it was with my girl Bf,
    Listen until about a year ago I wasn't comfertable with Gay people either and then my cousin came out as a lesbian thats when I realised how mean it was to discriminate againsed gay people but now I'm okay with gay people, anyway I'm trying to say he wont like it if he finds out from someone else he wants to know from YOU not some homaphobic sportsmen I mean tell him IN PRIVATE and see what he does if he says something mean hes NOT A TRUE FRIEND if he acceps it (And possibly embraces it) he is. It is all about him thinking about u I mean the trouble with friends is after a while ur only left with a few maybe if he freaks out when u come out u DONT need him. There is someone out there that loves u even if u just crush on himand he likes u to. Dont go all depreassed goth when he doesnt like u. U will know ur true friends eventually
    Bleh. LOL well about your friend I'm not gay so I cant say anything but.... if ur sure that u like him well tell him that IN PRIVATE he wont tell you anything bout his feelings in the open but try the friendship again but if that doesnt work then you tell him about ur feelings, maybe he will do something if u need my opions illl answer I mean I can tell why he feels uncomfortable
    yep, i did had a name change back in 2008 or 2007. :3 i think i also remembered you from your username. XD

    and thanks for the add too~
    AP classes are the worst, man. Even World History class is better and my teacher's a *****. And you don't have to have a black heart, unless you're implying I do. ;_; ...Alright, I totally do.

    Well, if you have a cheeseburger in hand, you could just distract him with it, then throw it and make a getaway.

    Of course they hobble, THE LEGS. I highly doubt it would fly too, because they don't make webs or jump. You're probably just lying because you're a baby. Lol.
    multitasking is so hard! i'm on four different parts of sppf right now: my profile, the games section, the banned thread and hgss discussion ach!

    Haha. I want to order one with my HGSS team in it. But it's undecided. But I've totally made the whole banner + text thing old. I change banners too much. Something creative I need.
    Omg lack of responses from Mel, so not delicious. D:

    Planet Benson 2 is the font. It's yum, no? X3 Especially with fun colours! 8DDD

    School has been taking up my time and when I'm on the computer, I try to write and so I get a bit ignorant of stuff on SPPF. I'm so glad today's a Saturday.

    Also, I approve of you plugging Toradora ending themes at the ending theme thread. Toradora's epic. Ryuuji's mah man. ;D
    Sorry for taking a while to respond. I had one hell of a busy day and it'll probably be the same today...But anyways, people can and WILL be that annoying. I'd tell him off. Shame you're not as mean as me, haha. It'd fix that problem. And honestly, it sounds like he likes you. Run.

    A good plan on paper, but think of what would happen if he caught you. ...Oh wait, he'd be sent to jail. Win/win. Not bad lol.

    Haha, really? SCORE. *cough* sorry. Yes, they do hobble because of their awkward legs, but I never thought it was floaty or anything. But c'mon man, have you no heart? They're cuuuuuute.
    :O. That's an AWESOME username. Except I'm guessing it's too long for most places? And the song was W.A.M.S. with the lyric "hurry, hurry, you put my head in such a flurry, flurry..."

    It's kind of random but I just thought, OOH! FLURRY IS A FUN WORD! :p
    Thanks, lol. I got it from a Fall Out Boy song with the word "flurry" in it and I just thought to myself: wow, I really love that word, but it would be better without the "y". And I also love storms, so I just made it that. :p
    Connecting to server...
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Omegle is not a dating site. Please try to have interesting conversations here!
    Stranger: hey are u a chick or a guy
    You: wanna guess?
    Stranger: let me u are a gay person
    You: No.
    You: I am a pokemon, obv.
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
    Seriously though. Haha. But that...That's just plain stupid. The Fiddler is in the name of the play. It might not be the lead, but it's a really important part. Wow. I hope he never came back. Still, one of my best friends at church is in her school's drama club, and everyone there seems fine. *shrug*

    Whether he comes back or not, who cares? It'd still be friggin' fun. :p

    Pfft, when you were five? See, what would you know about their cuteness? I see them all the time, so get outta here. I bet anything that's classified as an arachnid scares you, despite their appearance. Lame-o.
    Oh yeah, wiggers are even worse. The talent is often non-existent. The ones I know rhyme "frog" with "bog" and think they're hot. Prissy boys...No offense, but that's the kind of people I'd think would be in drama. :x

    And make sure it's when he was watching TV and went up to get something, then move in. For the lulz.

    What? How are they NOT cute? They have these comically long legs, don't bite, don't make webs, and only have two eyes. I pick them up every time I see one and make it a lil' pimp pad. They deserves it, damn it.
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