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Jan 15, 2011
Mar 2, 2009
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all4game was last seen:
Jan 15, 2011
    1. truthwillsetyoufree
      LEAH! I have no idea if you still come on here(ill write almost the same message on a message to you on fb), I was on and thought id let you know that I saw your prom pictures and you looked absolutely beautiful :) I liked your dress, and that cute boyfriend of yours looked nice too ;) hahaha I hope to hear allllll about it soon!!
    2. DarkCelebi234
      join the unova times group
    3. Dilorex
      Fantastic match Leah.
      It was great playing you again after all this time.
    4. Dilorex
      I am waiting for dinner at the moment, but I'll be around all night. Let's say...8 or 9ish? I also am going to leave my DS on, so i'll put your FC in and then just wait.
    5. Dilorex
      I'll be around all night today and pretty much all weekend.
      Just let me know :]
    6. Banned
      im ready to battle on PO
    7. Altomic
      Could we battle later today?
    8. Kai678
      Thank you and I haven't forgotten. I just ask if you can wait just a bit longer because I haven't had much time to do anything lately and I hope you forgive me.
    9. FashionableLad
      THANKS LEAH! :D lol I was gonna say, "Woah someone responded quickly."
    10. blazing fire
      blazing fire
      hey all4.remember me?when can we battle
    11. christiandeath77
      supa nintendo segaaa genesisss
    12. SolarPowerX
      Hey, happy B-day :D 17 right? sounds cool
    13. FashionableLad
      Yeah I'll send them to you on facebook c;
    14. SolarPowerX
      eh, i dunno, I kinda like espeon's shiny the most. btw, since kait didn't want the shiny eevee, do you want the clone of it?
    15. miloticsavior
      Well Umbreon has bad attack either way, and if you wanted to be original I can think of a set that doesn't use the typical baton pass Umbreon. Or you can wish pass with it, Dark Pulse then has a nice chance to flinch, it can be circumstancially useful.
    16. SolarPowerX
      Thanks for the tip :) IDK what I'll evolve it into, I can't really decide
    17. miloticsavior
      I saw the VM and theres nothing wrong with using a special Umbreon if you want to be original.
    18. FashionableLad
      Shu-up! lol I never saved it after I put it on photobucket xD So I need to turn it into a banner on imageshack again X)
    19. FashionableLad
      *waves* Heeyyy Leah! :D How's it going? Check out my new signiture X)
    20. Dawn_Hero
      x] I bet.
      It was so sad though! D: At the end when he was reaching for his lighter and got [spoilerzz], I was like... "wtf? That's IT?" And then when I realized why he did it I was just like... "...... D: NO!" It was tragic.
      Dude, I think I'm going to have to start giving bomb threats to the translators to make them do it faster. D: I won't be able to wait lol. I think when HG/SS is close to being released I'm going to make a clan again, and even jump back into competitive battling.

      P.S.- Go to the TA chat. c:
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