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  • Hey I would really like your dwf adamant blaziken. I can give a shiny flawless timid starmie and shiny flawless (0 in speed) dusclops, both level 100. If you can clone I can give you a vgc metagross which is extremely rare as it was only given away in 3 areas and never went on wifi.
    Really? Are you sure you want anything?
    I might have something in 5th gen to offer.
    Okay :) Just send me your questions whenever :)
    I no longer RNG, but I guess teaching someone/resuming RNG for a bit wouldn't hurt ;)
    What do you need help with? What RNG type are you trying to learn on White since I can only RNG on White/Black x3
    I can teach flawlessness/shininess/HP 70 in eggs, and event wondercard RNG flawless/HP 70.
    For 4th gen HG/SS I can only do gamecorner Pokemon/non-shiny stationary pokemon :)
    On Platinum/Diamond/Pearl, I know shininess RNG for eggs but not IV manipulation.
    What are you having trouble with? Maybe I can explain better than Smogon xD Smogon's RNG guide is sooooo hard for any beginner xD
    Umm anything in my 4th gen tradeshop :)
    The link is in my sig, and I can pokeshift anything you need over for Zorua :)
    Hi, i'm interested in:
    26/11/30/31/31/31, ice 70, f, illusion, modest, scratch, leer, taunt, torment
    What do you want in return? I can offer a lot from 4th gen that I can pokeshift over :)
    I think I found it on Pokecheck, 2 match the IV and both were hacked so I'm going to guess yours is a hack, no thanks
    alright man sweet deal, ill stay logged in and u can just message me when you want to do the other trade. The darkrai is a event pokemon too at level 51 so you should like it
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