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    But Would You Be A Trainer?

    Honestly, I wouldn't want to be a Pokemon Trainer in real life. In fact, I'd probably end up like Tory from Destiny Deoxys: absolutely TERRIFIED of Pokemon. I'm not fond of wild animals in real life as it is, but when those wild animals can burn you to a crisp, electrocute you, hit you with...
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    Generation 1: Worst Pokemon?

    I've been saying the Grimer/Muk thing for a while now. I'm not saying I dislike Gen 1 (I still like it but it's just my second-least favorite of the regions/Pokemon). I just feel like a lot of the Pokemon in Gen 1 were uncreative. Mainly Grimer/Muk but there are a few oddities. Names are...
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    The Official "Claim Your Favorite Video Game" Thread [V6]

    World of Warcraft [PC] - AllHailThrall [08/05/2013]
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    The Elder Scrolls Thread

    I'm fairly new to the Elder Scrolls series. I've only played Skyrim, though I'd like to go back and play the other games if I can. I've played Dungeons and Dragons for a few years now and an epic fantasy experience like this is difficult to pass up. I've only played one character, an Argonian...
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    Digimon Reconnect: DSA (PG13)

    Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon Inside Meeting Room - DSA Headquarters Katsuro slipped on his jacket, fitting him perfectly, of course. He had just finished tying up the tie and attaching the badge to his lapel. FanBeemon was helping him with the proper procedure, like it or not. "Why doez-z-z-z...
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    Digimon Reconnect: DSA (discussion thread)

    I'm sorry I've been kind of inactive lately. Been kind of feeling ill. Plus, it's coming up to finals week for college and I'm stressed.
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    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    I don't know why but that Gyroid image highly amuses me. Just the sheer "what the?!" of the whole ordeal. But yeah, I think it's Villager's recovery, considering Gyroids are a staple part of the Animal Crossing series.
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    Animal Crossing Series

    That's precisely how I make my money, bug hunts on the island. I don't know if I'm breaking the economy by doing that but I'm sorry for being so negative yesterday regardless. It's just that what I enjoyed most about the previous Animal Crossing games was collecting the furniture to spruce up my...
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    Animal Crossing Series

    This is gonna take a while. x-x
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    Animal Crossing Series

    I already sold the lunar surface. And I said that the public works were pointless. And by "a villager will request it", does that mean I have to wait for a villager to say "you know what'd be swell? A police station!" before it'll let me build one?
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    Animal Crossing Series

    I've been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf for about a week and I have to say, this game is a LOT slower than the other games in the series. For instance, I have about half of the bug species in the game, quite a few fish, over 600,000 Bells, about half the fossils, and yet I still have the...
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    Digimon Reconnect: DSA (PG13)

    Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon Katsuro's Apartment Katsuro was glancing over a pile of books, reading them thoroughly. He had attempted multiple times to study in case he decided to re-try and enter Tokyo U. However, his nervousness and stress ended up getting the better of him every single time...
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    Digimon Reconnect: DSA (discussion thread)

    I didn't really imagine Katsuro as a drawing so what is listed as his description in the appearance area of the signup should be good for him. He has black hair and brown eyes, forgot to mention that part though. And if you do draw FanBeemon alongside him, he'd most likely be hovering beside...
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    age of mythology

    I have to admit, I'm not very good at RTSes. So when I picked up Age of Mythology a few years back, I didn't do so well. XD However, it was fairly fun, especially considering I'm a HUGE mythology nut, especially Greek (though I played Norse in AoM). I never did have to Titans expansion pack but...
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    Spyro the Dragon Fans!

    Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon was probably the first PS1 game I remember owning and playing (I had played Croc and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee as well, but my uncle let me borrow those, Spyro 3 I actually OWNED). I have really fond memories of the game, especially the skateboarding minigame (that one...