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  • I posted some build ideas for you. XD Choose which one you'd like. Or VM me if you want more different ones.

    BTW, please help me choose Carly's build. XD I need everyone's opinion on how she should go like. XD I'd imagine her less intelligent than the other girls and extremely quick but frail, so the builds do reflect that.
    Nice! And one day, when I become a famous attorney, I'll notify you, let you choose someone for me to accuse, and I'll have their asses stripped of their assets. :p
    Good, I hope you write good books, like novels. Make 'em popular, I'll be bound to read them one day!

    And I'll probably be an Attorney, defending and prosecuting, etc. etc. :D
    Haha, Geography. Don't do that in the senior years, do what you're good at. I'm good at Maths, English, Multimedia and anything that has to do with thinking and/or creativity.
    Notes to take in -
    In year 7 and lower, all Year 9's are deemed scary until you're Year 9.
    In all years under 10, All seniors are scary until Year 10.
    In Year 9, paying attention is a must in maths.
    Oh god...why are we in such the same situations. Seriously, it's exactly like that up here. Everyone seems like an idiot nowdays <_>
    Nah, it's a good work habit to get into, for the big years (10, 11, 12) I'm year 9 right now, so I'm one off Senior School...o.o
    I would love that lifestyle. **** is always happening here, and so many people are mainstream idiots, with their plain 'ol silly arguments. Save...me? @3@
    Pretty much the same thing, I'm a Year 9 (One off senior school, 10-12) as of now, so school has been pretty interesting. I've also been forced to *gulp* socialize, and that's gone over considerably well. You good at it? I need a little bit of help with it..:p
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