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  • Hey there, hope life has been treating ya well :p I need to talk to yah so vm me if you're on the xat and I'm not k? I could pm you but you know how I tend to rattle on about things when I start typing and nobody stops me. Just look at this vm, I could make a proper book out of this message, so I'll stop now before it gets out of hand :p cya soon
    Wow, you got lilligant on your test. That's great!the fact that your new to competitive battles makes it even better! I think, with lots of practice, you could become one of the best battlers in our guild. Do you want me to teach you what I can?
    Hey there! The blackout ended so I got time to post in the thread and vm you, I'll still see you on Sunday to help you out but since I'll pretty much gonna be on flights all day don't expect to see me much sorry, anyways, cya!
    Trust me, you will enjoy it. I joined when I was a newbie (only in May!) And I loved it. I still do.if you want to get in to competitive battles, you have come to the right place
    Well I hate to leave now but it's 2 in the morning where I am and I need some sleep, I'll cya later, also when you join a guild be sure to always fill out the form and read all of their rules. FairyWitch has an example one next to the form to join TEG so you can follow that pretty easy.

    Edit: Yeah that's Minedreigon below, he's a great member and its true about the guild being so friendly ^_^
    Hello! I see you might want to join TEG. Trust me, it's great. Im a member, too. You do get noticed, yesterday I said I won a tournament and everyone congratulated me. everyone is really nice too.
    Ah don't worry about that, everyone in TEG is very friendly and helpful, its just that we've been around for 2 years and we're very active so our post count is very high ^_^
    Well that means you'd probably pefer WIFI which is lucky because TEG is one of the few guilds that specially supports it ^_^ its kinda easy I guess, the really annoying part is EV training since it takes a lot of work and tends to be very slow and monotonous, breeding is even worse in that regard though. I can teach about both of those and so can many other people in TEG, same with competitive battling, we have some very good competitive battlers here.
    You don't need to do your own EV training or breeding if you don't want to, there are plenty of people who can do it for you, at TEG we're one of the most WIFI centered guilds so lots of people are willing to breed or EV train for others there, of course you can still learn if you want to do it yourself. Oh and using a Simulator can also be good because you can skip all the breeding and training and get straight into the battle, although some people don't like that so they use WIFI instead.
    Trust me, it tends to be an uphill climb at first but you'll get the hang of it. I also get the feeling about being all alone, luckily the internet exists, there are so many other Pokemon fans on here its great :D

    I remember my first battle against another person XD It went terrible, but I'm considerably better now thanks to perseverance but remember you aren't in this alone, you'll make plenty of friends and rivals along the way so its always interesting and you'll always be learning.
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