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  • Ah, also I feel obliged to say that I'm from Team Enchanted Garden since FairyWitch might kill me if didn't at least say that XD really though choose whichever guild you feel works best for you, TEG isn't best for everyone so its really up to preference and making someone else's decision for them is just wrong. I hope you have a great time! If you need any further help I'm on most of the day so feel free to ask.
    Well the absolute best way to know is by looking at the first few posts of each guild thread to see how they each run, I can tell you that Assassin's Alliance, Creamery Command, The Battle Corporation, Team Enchanted Garden, and Dracanea are all very good guilds with strong competitive battlers who can teach you a lot. It's best to check them out yourself though to see how they work with you. It also depends on what type of competitive battling you want to do, whether on a simulator or using Wi-Fi
    Good evening! I saw you were new so I thought I'd welcome you! If you want to join the competitive scene joining a guild would probably be best, there are many different kinds so choosing the best one for your tastes is easy. Also I see you like Eevee if your avatar is of any indication, what's your favorite Eeveeloution? Oh and to reply to me be sure to click on my name and leave your message on my page, a common mistake is to leave a message on your own page, then the person you meant to send it to doesn't see it, I hope that helped!
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