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Last Activity:
Dec 28, 2010
May 20, 2009
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Goldenrod City

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, from Goldenrod City

Allyson was last seen:
Dec 28, 2010
    1. KenzeyEevee
      how are you?
    2. sonic507
    3. Priceless
      Just in case you come back...this is MKFC, I got a new account :)
    4. MKFC
      *pokes* are you dead? :/
    5. Mr. Joker
      Mr. Joker
      Hey Ally ! I don't want to seem that I'm advertising, but a group of friends and I have created a new forum, called Pokemon Solstice! We are currently a small community, in need of good new members. It would be awesome if you could join~
    6. streetlightdsb
      Haha thank you very much!

      I feel I should put some kind of tvtropes warning though, so people don't get sucked in for a whole day :D
    7. MKFC
      I didn't mean stuck HERE, I meant my mates were still at school and they still haven't broken up yet so I was stuck with nothing to do xD
      I'm going skiing on the 26th though :)
    8. MKFC
      Yeah, I asked him and he said he didn't mind :)
      Nice, I'm on break as well :) But like none of my other mates are so I'm just stuck here while I have to wait for them xD
    9. 1rkhachatryan
      Thanks I think it waas a littllle easier this time so I hope I ddid good too lol.
    10. MKFC
      OK, OK :)
      Eh...we're both screwed then, aren't we? :P

      Not much really, just the norm stuff...think the only interesting thing that's happened is me getting off with my friend's ex at a house party, but besides that not much xD
      How about you?
    11. 1rkhachatryan
      Im good im kinda stressed im taking the sat tomrw so im nervous.
    12. 1rkhachatryan
      Hey allyson what's up? Long time no talk
    13. MKFC
      Eh, that sucks :/
      Pfft, I haven't paid attention ion most of my subjects this year, but did that stop me? xP
      sorry it took so long to reply, I didn't even see your VM there till I was lookin through my VMs now lol xD
    14. Juputoru
      I had a suspicion you weren't serious, but people around here have enough weird ideas about how mods operate that I figured it was safer to give you a serious answer. :P

      AND EVEN IF YOU JUST LIKE CAPS LOCK, THAT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT IT IS VERY ANNOYING TO READ A LOT OF IT. THIS APPLIES EVEN IF YOU'RE JUST ANNOYED AT TESHUB'S PMS. (also remember that you can report PMs if they break the rules. I have no idea what's in these PMs you keep getting, and I wouldn't be the one dealing with any PM reports, but if they actually break the rules then they can be dealt with. Although if they're just dumb and not actually flaming/trolling/something similar, don't expect a whole lot to be done about them; in that case it'd probably be more effective to just ignore them so Teshub gets bored of hassling you.)
    15. Juputoru
      However hated a particular member is, I can't ban them until they actually break the rules enough to earn a ban. If I did ban them before their time, that would be mod bias, and that would get a whole new set of people whining at me. Granted, people whine at me anyway, but I'd rather avoid complaints that honestly have merit.

      Don't get me wrong, if 90% of PAD dislikes someone then chances are I'm not that fond of them either, but mods seriously have to do their best to be fair.
    16. MKFC
      Nice :)
      Eh we don't get any exams till the end of year, but we always have tests like every half term...
    17. MKFC
      Don't apologize to me, it's not your fault :P
      Yeah, we get around 3 weeks :) How bout you?
    18. MKFC
      Yeah... :/
      Well lucky you, I've still got school till the 14th T_T
    19. MKFC
      Hehe, well tbh their new stuff is kinda sh!t...Hybrid Theory and Meteora are deffo their best albums :P

      Not much really, got a fever though T_T
    20. MKFC
      Lol :P Well you guessed correctly :)
      Cool :D I only really like Fort Minor because of Linkin Park lol XD
      Eh, cool. :) I like Lil Wayne as well...I kinda like Skepta and The Streets too :)
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    Goldenrod City
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    Barry fan girl. <3