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Almighty Zard
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  • I'm here to recruit u . Anyway, there is this clan called Miror B Mania. Here is the link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=522119. Plz join (if u arent in a clan)! If u decline, just tell me. Itll put a frown on my face for a few hours. But that wont matter. Finally, when u sign up, tell the rest of the clan that i recruted u k? Also, anyone else that sees this visitor message can join too! But remember, tell the rest of the clan thay I recruted u! Thanks! :)
    Looking for a male Sigilyph with the egg moves Roost and Psycho Shift. Willing to offer other eggmove Pokemon in return. Please PM me if interested.
    I do believe that cmoic is about DP 156 for it is about Gible using Draco Meteor.

    (It is Draco Meteor because Kojirou/James is saying it)
    I really don't know about Gible...
    I sent e-mail about it to Bandai Japan, but they never replied back.
    NP =)

    I've sent an e-mail to Bandai.
    Hopefully I will get a reply from them soon (regarding Gible in question).
    If it's any encouragement, you did at least know your movesets/items/natures right and EVs to some extent (but these are hard even for good battlers!) which is far more than a lot of the people who post there know.

    Sorry for these loooong Vms :(. This is why I like PM better. I type too much!

    ***Thanks for reading (and I hope you did instead of deleting as soon as you saw who they were from)!***

    (If you delete these ones, don't worry, I won't come back with any more =).)
    They also didn't give me any advice on how to improve myself. They said, "Stop posting," and that was it. However, they weren't completely at fault. I shouldn't have been giving advice if I didn't know better (even though I thought I did), and I continually replied to their rates as though I knew better, even though I didn't.

    I at least, directed you to in-game if you didn't want to improve, and then I (I think, I don't remember now) gave you advice on how to improve yourself if you wanted to stick with it (lurk more, read sticky guides, read guides in battle forum). If I forgot to tell you that last part, then I apologize.

    Point is, I don't want you to quit competitive battling (that's what it looks like) if that's something you really want to do because you thought I was bashing you. I gave you the best advice possible for that team and yourself (given my time constraints). It may not have seemed like it, but trust me, it was.
    From the deletion of my last messages, it looks like I must have hurt your feelings :(, hence these VMs. I'm sorry if I did. I honestly didn't mean to do so. CRMT can seem and sometimes be harsh if you're not used to it.

    I remember when I was new to there. I thought I was pretty good because I was able to beat most people who didn't use ubers or legendaries fairly well nor did I use them myself (back in the days before Wi-Fi =D). I posted a team thinking that I knew all. The raters appeared to tear it and me to pieces.

    Looking back on it now, I can see that at first they were just trying to help. However, they were much harsher than I was with you; they actually were making fun of me (something I didn't do to you) while criticizing and bashing (I did not bash you) later on because I continued hanging out there.
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