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  • True, but the exclusivity would have been nice (people really want the stones). I wouldn't have done good in the battles tho so it wouldn't have been fun haha.
    Hahah, that makes things trickier! I've got enough Alola-native competitives to sorta make a team now, though that doesn't matter much since I don't battle. Still, there's some online competitions I'd like to join to get the items and such, in which case they could come in handy. (Like the International Competition, which I missed the registration for by like, an hour cuz I kept forgetting and then was at work. Super mad. >>)
    I see. I figured the others were traded for. Fun though! I mentioned I don't really battle, though I'm looking into a new rule set that might be interesting.
    Mm yeah, unless something is competitive I have them all already. @w@ MMing seems to really be working this gen! I'm glad. Congrats. c:
    Thank you a ton too! c: Hahah not at all, I'm glad you are equally as patient! Some people aren't as understanding of the time zone difference, which makes negotiations super tough. >>
    Anyway, yer always welcome back if you get some more of the legends I'm looking for, or a Shiny of some sort! c:
    Hmm, I can't seem to find you in my list despite updating it. Send me a request hen yer ready so I can send back the clone!
    Sounds complicated. @@
    Alrighty, I am around! I should be ready to trade in a bit (doing cloning for another trade), let me know when yer ready~
    Oh lordy, please do not endanger real-life commitments for the trade. @@ I will be around at my listed time frame tonight if it works for you, but if not I will be available this weekend on my Sunday!
    I don't actually understand what that means, but it doesn't sound right either way. Hence why I encourage the use of a converter always haha. I work with too many time zones to apply basic math skills. @w@
    My Wed, so today! (For reference, it's about a quarter to noon over here.) I usually speak in terms of "my X" and "your X", though if there's no specification it's usually "my x."
    Awesome! I'm locked into another trade again though, so I'll need a bit to clone it.
    Hmm, my next available time would be on Wednesday, though I could do it tonight if you have some time.
    A Rockruff? Little odd, but interesting. If you wanted to try and breed something that's cool! Again, I would take any Lugia, Yveltal or Solgaleo for it as well.
    Not seeing you again in the list for some reason, but I have your Lugia clone! Request me when yer ready~
    Cool! I still need to clone the Darkrai and bring it up, but should be ready soon!
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