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  • This is why I referenced the time zone converter I had linked in my shop. ;3
    Ugh, 8 PM Sat for you is 11 AM Sun for me so I'll be gone when you get back. Again I'll be back around 2 maybe and could do some stuff then while I'm chatting with friends.
    You wanted the 20th Darkrai yes? I'll jot it down and make sure to have it ready. @@ (And this is in 7th yes?)
    All my time. @w@ Sat (today) still stands I think (maybe I'll be around earlier depending on if I nap or not). but Sun (tomorrow) I'll maybe only be around 10-11 AM, then I'll definitely be busy until 2, but after that I couuuuuuld be around, I'll just be in an online meeting with friends so I'll be distracted.
    Hey there! I responded to your message in my trade shop letting you know about my time availability tonight. Please respond in my shop!
    Heh, a simple reply is fine!
    So Sat I will maybe be available from 2 PM onward, but I have an event that night though I'm not sure what time. Then Sun I'll be around from 10 AM until maybe 2 PM.
    As I expected. My schedule is changing a little bit so I'll let you know maybe tomorrow on a final time frame.
    Sure! I live in Japan so my time zone is GMT+9. I've got time info ant a link to a time zone converter in my shop if you wanna compare zones.
    Hahah no worries, I got it, I just thought I'd doubly confirm that was the case. I THINK I'm trustworthy, but I sometimes forget things or get distracted by real-life issues which happens a lot. @@
    Anyway, I'll be around to trade again this weekend, though I'm not 100% sure what time yet (Sat I work in the morning and Sun I have an event in the afternoon; I'll be around in my evening for sure though).
    Oh cool! Would you be interested in traaaading it? I offer an Event or Shiny for every one, and of course I can clone it and send it back. c:
    Huh, never thought of that; I've been trading rarer Pokemon away for basically nothing for awhile (my collection has gotten too big @w@) so I forget that some people want a lot for them. I know what you mean tho, I have a weak spot for certain legends and trade basically anything to collect them.
    That's fun! You could have probably gotten it for more since it was a flawless Shiny, but whatever floats yer boat. c:
    I see. I mean as long as you have fun! I'm a very sore loser, and I'm not very good at battling so I lose often. I used to do competitive battling waaaay back in 4th gen, but I quit when my win-loss ratio got to 100-400. I was pretty done haha.
    Oh man, I can't even think about it. I need BP to get some important items, but I'm just gonna get it from using Pokemon Bank. Maybe I have stuff to beat it but...nah. I work hard enough trading, I don't really want to work hard at battling. I did that years ago and all I got were sour memories. >w>
    Heh, I don't battle, and Battle Royal has made me not even want to battle AI anymore. I'm that bad. >w>
    Hopping online again!
    Yes! So a Pokemon with an IV of 31, max EVs, and a beneficial nature to that stat will have the maximum stat value possible.
    Also, Gengar looks fine to me. No issues with the ball, ability, or any moves, and the only ribbon I notices is the Battle Royal Ribbon (which I'm assuming you added onto it). Since I can't check the caught date/location or anything I can't be sure though, and anything from WT is always suspicious. I would recommend not trading it around without a disclaimer, but otherwise you're fine doing what you want with it!
    I'll be back on in a sec with it and the clone!
    Yes you are! Alolan Meowth, and I think my Shiny Mew flashed on the screen for a sec!
    IVs? I can try to explain a little simply! (Hopefully it'll help anyway. @@)
    They're the secret values that Pokemon come with when they're encountered/hatched/received. They can't be changed. I'm sure you've heard they're on a scale of 0 to 31, with 31 being referred to as "perfect." The higher the IV, the better the Pokemon is in that stat, therefore the better it's going to be in battle. They are also used to determine the type of the move Hidden Power (you don't really need to know the specifics unless you're a breeder).
    That's basically all you need to know. If you have more questions though I can clarify! (If you want; not sure if mentioning that was an invitation to explain, but I tried anyway. @w@)
    It takes time to learn! We have a lot of terms to explain things, on top of talking about the deeper details of Pokemon (IVs, EVs, Shiny chaining, etc). Do you have any questions on anything specifically? Maybe I can help explain some things!
    Ahaa, that explains a lot. (I've been playing and trading for over ten years haha, so this stuff is second natur to me.) I'm working on my other trade now so shouldn't be long!
    Cool! I shall do so as well in a second.
    I mean it would have been nice to see where it was obtained and such, assuming it was native to 6th. Checking obtained locations as well as dates obtained are a good way to easily spot hacks. With that gone it's harder to tell if it's okay or not.
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