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  • (RIP 2 months later...)

    Sometimes when I listen to 8-bit I really fear for my headphones' life, like, did they just die age exponentially or what. Sat through that mix, it was fantastic. Would definitely listen again. And that PS1 startup though. Can't say I have the nostalgic connection to retro/ chiptune like you do, but I guess good electro and house resonates with everyone, right?

    Just when you think failing to click is bad, you learn how to misclick. Like because the bomb button in Touhou is right next to the shot button, I have an uncontrollable tendency to misfire off a bomb at the start of every stage. At nothing.

    I know it took me two months to reply, but I just wanted to get back to you, at least before I go into cram mode for a national exam in a month's time. It's been real hectic all this while, but I guess what I'd like to say is that I really enjoy these convos and I look forward to continuing them! Cheers! C:

    (RIP Satoru Iwata too, just, also, two months later. Now though the new prez has been elected into office. Also, Pokemon Go.)
    (Late reply incoming)
    Wow that was a great song, thanks! Not often do you hear Vocaloid with good EDM. Just curious, who produced that song? Definitely not a producer or style I'm familiar with.

    Heh, those simulator songs are so much fun to listen to. But you know, you don't have to be a programme to be able to do that. There are people capable of doing that with just two hands. And no, they don't have ten fingers on each hand. Also, no fast forward was used in the making of the video. Just probably a lot of sugar and caffeine.
    You know, I'm sorry that I missed your birthday. So as an apology, as well as belated birthday gift, I have sent you the closest thing I know that is remotely retro and reminiscent of classic arcade soundtrack. It may be a bit different from what you're used to, but I hope you like it.


    So, happy belated birthday! A reply to your ginormous VM will be sent soon as I can craft out one. And by soon I don't mean 1 year later :shot:
    Yes, because freedom of speech is a given in the States thus we should watch what we say online. Finding Lt. Surge's switches wasn't fun. Teleports in Psychic gyms weren't fun (they were in Silph though). Well, that's true for some (or most) players, but I myself like to leave my Gen 3-ers in Gen 3, so that if I ever want to play the Battle Frontier again I'll have Pokémon to use.

    Discovering a new job seems possible, since new jobs will have to be created to counter the new problems of the future. But I'd still rather do Architecture. I don't think it did. At least, I don't think I'd let recession-prone-ness affect me. What videogames let you stack cars, much less to the moon? Lego is a valid excuse though. Sometimes it seems even History Channel doubts Ancient Aliens. That, or they just put out more seasons of Pawn Stars, which wouldn't be too bad.

    The other day a bird flew into a classroom when the ceiling fans were on. It hit its head against the fan, got decapitated and fell to the floor. Along with my appetite for the rest of the day.
    Same here. Still, it's not like we're discussing anything of huge significance, apart from everything that follows after this line. But that's not how you enjoy Pokémon. At least, not how it should be. Pokémon should be fun, not a chore like say transferring endless amounts of Pokémon (even though Events are still as fun as ever).

    Well, two possibilities: I said that when I genuinely wanted (emphasis on want/ed/) to become one, or I said I enjoyed designing interiors. Did I mention how recession-prone it was? It would be, if you could actually do it. Point taken. Humans are from some perspective, aliens as well. So you could say all of mankind's inventions were made by aliens.
    Two formerly active members reminiscing about the past. Yes, if I were a stalker I would definitely stalk that. 10 years definitely isn't enough. You know we can squeeze more out of the franchise than that. Our DSes and GBAs are still waiting to be revived someday to once again play Pokémon. You know they are, and you know want to.

    I want to work in people's houses? I'm not exactly sure I said something like that. ;n; I remember stacking cars to the moon or something though. I was watching Ancient Aliens sometime over this convo's absence, and they said that aliens gave us all of Mankind's inventions. Could it be that the Chinese...

    And that's the irony of it. Something so messy and all over the place yet somehow orderly and neat. It takes time to break past the barrier of talking about just Pokémon, doesn't it? Though it was totally worth it to me. My wallet still prevents me from returning to (current-gen) trading. Sad.

    The most enjoyable was probably waterfall trekking. I'll admit I'm not an outdoors person, but I did enjoy that. Well, sometimes people just get the feeling that "everyone" happens to from the states.
    Granted, a large chunk of it did not have much substance. But illogical blabber like that make life so enjoyable. 2011: A time when members such as Spük and scraftyscrafty roamed the boards.

    I went to Malaysia, which is just north of Singapore. (Hopefully you remember that I'm not from the states)
    Well, here's to a belated new year, if anything. Yeah, season 2 of random VMs, to be continued who knows when.

    For me, I just returned from an overseas level camp, with school starting again next week. Couldn't be happier though.
    Might want to check out the manga sometime soon. BAM. Just when GF seemed to run out of ideas, bam. MegaEvolutions. Nintendo can just take my money now.

    Not like we make good use of it. All we do is.. Well, this. Society itself is actually its biggest enemy, if you think about it. On one end of this society, we're being taught that "unique" is better, whereas on the other side we're being taught that fitting in a the most important.

    I guess people are willing to go to great lengths to pursue their interests, and having said that, university-level classes are probably the best choice. It'd also be nice if Zero Escape 3 were to be released on the 3DS. I'd love to play another mystery by Spike Chunsoft.

    I'd imagine that they were like "ok, so we both agree on the topic, now what?" and an short, awkward silence followed.

    Well then, I applaud your sense of social well-being and interest in crazy eights card games. But as we've said before, you'd still be able to feel pain. It's probably not as concerning when it's short and fast, but when the pain lasts and doesn't subside is when you wished you weren't immortal. It's quite like dying a slow, painful death versus dying a split-second one.
    Ain't no business without a profit either! I remember when the DW events first hit, and no one really had interest in them. Then they took off for some reason, and came late to the party xD
    Funny how that can change. Like that Shiny Celebi, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. That was a good time.
    Sorry, not dense. Shallow. I used the wrong term. Oh, the memories of trading. How nice. Wonder what new event-exclusives Gen 6 will bring.

    I don't either. High five for no (to little) social life! This stereotype-based society makes for great hate-bait though. Also makes being different a little more common, which is quite ironic.

    If it's for interest and you already have a source of income, why not just self-teach yourself? As in head down to a big-name bookshop and purchase the thickest astronomy textbook you can find. You forgot Slowking's name? But isn't Slowking's name, well, Slowking? Some, but it seems I'll still have more to play (Ace Attorney 5, X and Y, Project Mirai 2 to name a few) on the 3DS, so I guess I'll get that. Now to start saving up.

    Well, you have to be included in said group since I'm in the other. We can't both be on the same side if we're going to debate.

    Lunar calendars and the like probably would have to be adjusted too, after hundreds of thousands of years. And imagine what would happen if Heaven the Moon(s) and Earth collide tonight.

    Do you consider yourself one? Another thing about that type of life is that it lacks regret. With living forever, you won't regret ever doing anything as you have all eternity to solve it, or just live with it without guilt. That's another to think about, apart from possibly suffering from never-ending pain.
    I was the same until I got into the whole "Proof of Legitimacy" thing. That opened a whole new world for me @_@ /drools
    oh, Cinema Celebi. The memories haha <3
    I heard that the lifetime-long series wasn't well received. Apparently it was too dense and predictible. Have to wonder how many different (or repeated) topics we've had to talk about to fill out 60 pages.

    Forget Facebook, everyone's using Instagram and Twitter now. I don't think they're that common today either, but society still doesn't share that same idea.

    Must be an astronimically different type of society then. Seems like researcher, scientist etc. are passion jobs, aren't they? You wouldn't normally go for those jobs unless you had an interest in their respective fields. Somehow almost forgot the 3rd Gen remakes. If they /really/ are coming out on 3DS, I can totally forget about getting a Vita.
    ^ We can do it. Didn't we have something like a 5-in-1 before?

    Everything deserves to be seen from both sides. It wouldn't be fair to give only one side a chance to speak.

    That's an interesting point actually. What'll happen to Earth when it has two moons? What about the eclipse too?

    Social recluses do communicate with people over the internet, far as I know. Only goes to prove my point more. That's got to send the price of anesthesia and painkillers through the roof.
    Well, the new DW events are keeping everyone on their toes (me included) and that's been the "new" rare thing. Dream Worlds with Proof. My rarest so far are Espeon and imprision Gothorita; it seems to be the Pokemon requiring a code :3
    In your absence, Aoi Sekai received a 4th episode. That said, this (these) conversation has been going on for close to a year now, hasn't it?

    A guess would be that it was referring to teenage rebels and the like. But are they really as common today as people think?

    wat country u live in uhhh. Jobs requiring paper qualifications in science are low-paying? I can understand that employability would be a challenge if you were an astronaut but not bad salary. "If beggars can't be choosers, what starter can they choose?" I thought people wanted a "Light" type. That I have to agree. All those great titles make me want to save up for a 3DS and not PS Vita.

    Well, someone has to be the opposition. That's my line.

    Next time you look into the night sky, you'll see two moons instead of one. :shot:

    Tumblr and forums like these do exist on the net. But even if you can't die, that doesn't mean that you can feel pain/ hunger/ stress/ tiredness etc. That still wouldn't be good.

    Oh, and the first sentence of this message is false.
    Thanks man!

    Yup, busy as ever. It's slowing down a bit but it's going to really shoot up here in a little while. Not only X&Y but the season change usually brings a lot of activity xD.
    So that must mean that when they asked if you (the reader) felt that youths today had too much free time, my answer must be wrong, seeing as I wrote I disagreed.

    Well, if it's because of the education you'd have to go through, I believe a doctor as mentioned before would be worse. My childhood dream was always to become an architect; I loved to design buildings, especially their interior layout. Of course, I then realised that "interior designer" was a valid, legitimate job. "If tomatoes are a fruit, isn't ketchup technially a smoothie?" We shouldn't ask for too much and push GF. Beggars can't be chooser now, can they? :shot: So it's confirmed in Japan, but whether there will be an international release is not confirmed yet?

    Well, I am the one questioning the norm, so I get to question, and you, who naturally assumes the position of supporting the norm, don't get to question since you believe what you're told.

    You're going to have to find a way to get up there. Might as well build it on the Moon, since finding a crane that extends into the skies and beyond to stack your cars is going to be tough.

    Thing is, if you're a social recluse, you wouldn't be using social networking sites, would you? Making everyone immortal would lead to overpopulation. Plus that defeats the purpose of a bucket list. If you're going to live forever, you'd eventually run out of things to do.
    Actually, it was refering to youth not as children, but rather adolescents. Of course, even then it's true to varying extents.

    A childhood aspiration may work out, since that passion and interest is already there. You don't say. :did not see that coming: The most memorable memes for me are the Philosoraptor memes, but Paranoid Parrot is also nice. Ahh, almost forgot you owned a 3DS, so you'd get to play Gen 6. Those new customisable features seem quite nice. If it got localised before, which I'm assuming it did, it should get localised again, shouldn't it? Unless we're talking about something like a spin-off.

    That was initial fan-boying. Oh well. Let the waiting continue. That sounds like something that I should be saying to support my point.

    The glue will dry up eventually and your tower of cars will come tumbling to the ground, destroying anything in their path. That is, if natural occurences such as strong winds haven't done that yet.

    But that's exactly the problem with being immortal. As you live on, people around you die. You'd have enough deaths around you to keep you busy for a while, unless you spend that immortality locked in your room glued to the computer.
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