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  • Just going to state that no one in asb hated you, they were trying to explain that it is a slower community and that patience is what is required. That being said as Aposteriori said you are welcome any time
    I have a ref, who while wanting to ref the match doesn't really want to ref the arena. Would you be fine with battling in the Mall arena as opposed to our current one?

    Saw your TA- Just wanted to tell you that, as far as I know, having people battle in your place whilst on TA is unheard of, so I doubt it'll be happening. However, if you like, I'd be willing to, whenever both you and Lost are available simultaneously, RF your guys' match so we can finish it before you go on TA. RFing/Rapid-Firing is when the referee will ref multiple rounds back-to-back, sometimes at the price of a smaller word count for the sake of getting the reffing up quicker.

    You up for that?
    Hey guys! Love having those battles but I don't really care if I win or lose. I'm saying that because I rather be a full-time referee. I love to see pictures of Pokemon battling in my mind and to be honest, I don't like to see my own Pokemon lose lol. I'm doing my 2 battle requirement right now in order to sign up to be a ref. Once I get the position, I'll do my very best to be the referee that y'all like :) I'll still accept battles from people who specifically wants to battle me but, once I'm a referee, I won't go out of my way challenging people after people :p

    I will be starting college this fall so until I get my own laptop, I will not be able to do anything just so you know.
    Wow, sure took forever to meet the 10 post requirement but starting tomorrow, time to start my ASB career. Beat that Pokemasters Forum!!
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