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    I have a bunch of busy work to do tomorrow but I can leave my DS online for you.
    Or do you need me to be there to actually do something?
    I'll be online most of the day Monday and we can make an online date any time after.
    I can't connect well until then.

    My friend code is 1907-9797-0140

    Let me have yours again too, please.
    My list has filled up several times and I want to be sure you're still there.
    I just got you a Scatterbug that should evolve into a Sandstorm and you can have the Pokeball (Kor) that I got from that game. It will be Thurs a week before I can trade. Going to my parents again and my DS won't connect there.
    It will.
    It's just that it's so hot here.
    I try to work be out to work on it by 6 then by 8 or 9 I'm too hot to work any more.
    Then after I get that warm I'm not much use for any the rest of the day, including pokemon.
    I'm not sure at the moment.
    I didn't get much time to play while visiting my parents.
    I came home to several downed large downed limbs in my yard.
    I have to get that cleaned up before I'll have much time for pokemon again.
    Sorry I've been at my parents and my son had my computer most of the time I was there.
    Just now catching up on things.

    Pokeball in Japan?
    I probably wouldn't be around until an hour or two after that. :/ Are you available right now?
    Mine's 0447-6298-1217, IGN Amaya. I'm usually around from late at night to early afternoon Eastern time. I pop on and off a lot.
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