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  • Indeed she is. Ah, really? I knew both of you had your moments, but you guys were really close so that's too bad. A few months ago, I was deleting a bunch of files from my desktop and I noticed some of the saved convos that her and I had on msn and I read through some of 'em and wow...I was such a dick to her sometimes...anyways...I'd like to contact her some time to catch but oh well.

    So good sir, I'm guessing you still like MCR and Amaranth? ;)
    Certainly, do you still keep in touch with anyone from there? Would be cool to know how Mli is doing in particular but she seems to be MIA.

    Ah alright, all the best to you then. Law school's tough, but I'm sure you can do it. I was thinking about becoming an accountant, but being an elementary school teacher is my fallback plan.
    Yep. I was just thinking about all the crazy convos we had and MSN and all the dumb drama and good times that were had in PV.

    Oh that's cool, what are you planning to be after uni, a teacher? I'm currently getting my degree in history, not too interesting though so I'm planning to switch my major to business next year.
    I'm doing pretty well, I'm in Hawai'i with my family for the week. I'm going to start my 6th semester in college pretty soon. It's also weird to see you not writing in all caps.
    not to worry, we all get caught up in the heat of the moment at times.

    I'm glad we can leave it behind and be civil.
    I would reply in the thread, but for some reason I can't seem to post or quote or make threads or anything today.
    Anyway, I wasn't trying to make you look like an Idiot. I'm sorry if it came across like that.
    You said you 'don't see the point in placing music (and my musical tastes) in a certain genre.'
    So all I did was refer you to a previous post I made, to explain the necessity of genres.
    And it really only took about 5 minutes, which let's be honest isn't all that long.

    Also you can dress it up how you like, your second point is still ironic.
    And surely the fact you referred to genres for an answer gives an example as to why they are used?
    Another question, why is my logic flawed?
    And thirdly, I wasn't trying to trip you up, I think your just reading too much into this.

    Chaotic Tyrant wouldn't spring to my defence just cause he knows me, we've had far bigger arguments about stuff in the past. we both have our opinions, and neither of us are willing to change them for the sake of helping another out. And I respect him for that, he sticks to his guns.

    but as he said, all I was doing was posting what I saw, in an attempt to get a bit of discussion. Nothing against you personally, I wasn't trying to make you seem stupid, or trip you up or anything. As I say, I'm sorry if that's how you took it, but thats not how it was intended.
    I'm stuck on both of the DS games. I think it's due to not playing them for a while and then coming back to them lol.
    I really hope SS is out by Christmas but if it's not my birthday is in January so I can ask for it then
    Lol I can't wait for the holiday season because I will probably be getting a 3DS, the new OoT, and Skyward Sword(it should be out by then). Wind Waker was the first Zelda game I owned other than the original two.
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