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  • Okay once you are back online send me a VM so you can trade me the Mantine. Then I can trade you the egg move Pokemon.

    I will send you a PM later today containing a list of the egg move Pokemon I need you to RNG shiny versions of.

    EDIT: I won't send you that list until you are finally back online.
    Well it would depend what time it would be in Central Time when it is Sunday night in London. However most like when it is Sunday night in London it will Sunday morning here. So most likely I should definatly be able to trade around that time.

    Could you send me a VM once you are able to trade Sunday night in your time zone?
    Well if you could get good IV spreads on all of them I would greatly appreciate that.

    Well I don't personally have a preference were the flawless IVs are located. I would like the IV spread to be at least semi-flawless/near flawless and to be male in gender. Once you trade me the shiny egg move Mantine I will trade you one of the egg move Pokemon for the Mantine. The others I will trade you for fillers.
    Okay sounds good then. I do know for a fact however that the egg move Bulbasaur and Squirtle I will need you to RNG shiny versions of have good IV spread. I just haven't had time to check the exact IV spread. Would you be able to RNG those 2 while still preserving the good IV spread?

    The others I am not too worried about the IV spread. I just want of the Pokemon you to RNG be male in gender and if possible have a neutral nature (not necessary but preferable). If you could do that for me that would be great.
    Okay could we trade this weekend?

    I am not sure on an exact number of the ones I need you to RNG shiny versions of. Once I am able to get a number I will let you know the number. I would say it would be in the range of anywhere between 5 to 10.
    Okay I have a few questions to ask you.
    1) How is the Mantine coming along?
    2) Could I trade you some normal egg move Pokemon (2 with great IV spread)? So you could RNG them into shiny versions.
    Thats fine with just Platinum moves.

    Would it be okay if I sent you a PM with a list off egg move Pokemon I would like? Since it might get a little lengthy.
    Well I would probably prefer either flawless (all 31) or semi-flawless (at least close anyway).

    Also would you be able to obtain the egg moves exclusive to HeartGold and SoulSilver? If not I have no problem with that, since I would have plenty of other egg move I would like.

    However I don't blame you for wanting to give that guy a piece of your mind, since I would do the same thing.
    Would that be on the 4th generation?

    If that would be on 4th generation I might send you a list of Pokemon I would like with some IV requirements. Would you also be able to get them with egg moves?
    Okay I have a question about that shiny Weedle you traded me. Who actually obtained it in FireRed? Was it you or Liam that caught it?

    That way I can list the user who obtained it on my shop, since some people like them traceable back to the OT.
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